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Best possible easiest tips to get healthy traffic to your blog

Our Fashion Blogging class students ask us “Why is my blog not getting traffic?“, and it’s perhaps one of the most popular questions ever asked in our Blogging, SEO, Content Marketing Lectures. Out blogging lecture students have made good earning initially but after some there interest lost due to drop in earning. Rather theory, follow below steps to have healthy traffic to increase your monthly salary from blogging plus SEO plus neuromarketing:-

Until you get to 10,000 subscribers, you should spend double time promoting your posts as you spent on writing them. Or even more, if you can. So, if you take 5 hours to write a post, you should spend at least 10 hours on outreach Minimum.

Popular become huge popular easily. Learn astroturfing, recommendation and crowd psychology impact on digital behaviour of readers. Set artificial trend, then promote it – Kaizen it – Improve it daily. Find errors and mistake in content and emotion. Further improve it then advrtise it. Apply PDCA plan do check act on your blogs. Check your most popular, liked, shared blog, ask your family members, friends and other people to share it as much as possible.

The web is full of ‘SEO companies’ promising first page rankings but in reality what happens is that their methods and techniques destroy every opportunity your website has for getting organic traffic. As a general rule of thumb don’t believe anything you read on the web before double checking their claims.

Comment on other peoples blogs go out an interview top bloggers or successful people either online or in person. Ask to be a guest blogger. Take advantage of the other people’s networks.

In terms of traffic, if you were hit by Panda or Penguin or any other algorithmic changes, then you will see your traffic to drop dramatically from one day to the next. You can open your Google Analytics report and find out the actual date that traffic changed.

One of the strengths of social media is its power and leverage to get your content out to other platforms and channels where your audience is hanging out. So put your videos on YouTube, post your articles to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and don’t forget others like Technorati and Digg. Use you blog as a homebase and distribute  and leverage your content to your social media outposts. Go to where your potential audience is. Facebook has over 600 million users, now that is an audience.

One of my most straightforward strategies involves identifying people who are sharing content that’s similar to your article and reaching out to them in hopes of getting them to share your article as well. There are several ways to go about this, but BuzzSumo is a particular tool that MIFT recommend to students because of the detailed information it provides and insightful metrics.

We suggest students to Use Klout, It involves a four-step process.

  1. You find influencers who are experts in the topic you’re writing about
  2. You contact them and ask for a quote
  3. You add their quote to your article
  4. You ask them to share your article containing their quote

In the olden days, the rule used to be, “Publish as much as possible, as fast as possible.” Content was sparse, so you could crank out a measly 300-word article in five minutes and still get traffic, not because the article was good, but because it was the only article on the subject on the web. Today though, the web is bursting at the seams with content on every imaginable topic.


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