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Selena Gomez’s most stylish but simple and affordable designs for you

Selena Gomez is one of the most sensible celebrities, even though she’s been the face of premium luxury fashion house, Louis Vuitton and created her own collections for Coach, she’s always trying attires that are truly affordable.  Whether feeding her inner tomboy in a sleek pantsuit, or going full-on glam in an profligate silky gown, the starlet continuously looks put together and in the sartorial know. After breaking through as a child star on Disney Channel, the music world has seen Selena Gomez’s career climb The Hot 100 chart with a total of ten songs under her belt. But what really sets the 24-year-old apart from her fellow fashion-conscious peers is her ability to mix high and low with youthful energy, a fresh perspective, and a commitment to championing new names in fashion. From her first days of Wizards of Waverly Place and wearing Converse sneakers on red carpets, all the way to the steps of the Met Gala and frolicking though the Italian streets in designer duds, Selena’s style has evolved. Selena Gomez has worn the same dress 3 times and it was basically a stylish nightgown. You can style like her as she has most stylish but affordable designs.





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