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Foundation for dark skin indian beauty

It’s no secret that it can be difficult to find the right foundation, but it can be even more difficult to find the right foundation when you have a darker skin tone. Searching for a foundation that truly matched dark skin color and didn’t make one look like wearing a fake mask. 


For women of color, a lot of times harsh lighting can fail. Though foundation sometimes conceals uneven skin tone, it is still better to use a primer. Primer does well in filling fine lines, smoothing over bumps, erasing dark circles and pigmentation, correcting flaws and bringing about fine lines.


Women are not born knowing how to do a flawless cat eye or a shadowy, smoky eye, so they often turn to makeup tutorials on YouTube. A search for “smoky eye” pulls up endless videos showing how to perfectly blend eye shadows to achieve the look. But what if you had dark skin and most of the videos showed lighter-skinned women applying hues that would make you look as if you had a black eye? What if you couldn’t relate to these women, because you couldn’t see yourself in them?

Always bear in mind that darker skin show coatings of make-up a great deal more than the fair color. Extraordinary care should be taken while merging the foundation with the skin color. Make sure that the effect of make-up is checked in daytime.

Out of trend: Dark skin has red undertones; your foundation should be red, too. 
Trend: Most dark-skinned women have yellow or golden undertones in their skin that means that your foundation should have those same yellow or golden undertones for the perfect match.

 The foundation used should be under no circumstances of a lighter color than the color of your skin. Try your best to use the foundation which is closest to your skin color. Indulge in lighter coverage while applying the foundation.

Hyper pigmentation is a common skin problem for dark skinned girls, thus dark skin girls can really benefit from using color-correcting products to disguise any discoloration and create an even canvas for foundation. This way, dark skin girls won’t have to use as much product on top, but they can still end up with a flawless finish.

If there is more pigmentation on the skin, never make use of orange based products. A pure foundation and an extremely superior concealer are essential for giving an ideal skin.

Wrong colours of foundations look worst on dark skin. Anything too light will definitely make you turn look like an ashy ghost. Makeup also tends to oxidize on darker skins especially if you are on the oily side. 

The shades of foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, and lipstick that work for a woman of color will vary from individual to individual.  Nevertheless, there are some general colors and tones that tend to work for dark skin women:

  • Yellow based foundation
  • Nude, burgundy, or earth tone lips
  • Shimmery, metallic, eye shadows
  • A general rule is the darker the skin, the brighter the colors one can “pull off”.

Applying the wrong foundation on your face, no matter how well it is applied, can have an adverse effect on your look. This is why for women who have dark skin, yellow-based foundations are the best option for you because you have warm undertones. While those having really very dark skins, a golden pink-based foundation can be a nice try as you are likely to have cool undertones.





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