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What does an interior designer do ?

From scientific knowledge to financial valuation, the skills of a designer must be fit for purpose, function and on budget for the consumer as well as meet the desired aesthetic on time. Interior designers operate in a variety of commercial and residential sectors such as public space design, retail, restaurant and bar, hotels and residential developments. Basic Responsibility of Interior Designer:-

  • Meeting with clients and other trades people such as architects or builders to discuss the needs of the client.
  • Developing designs according to a brief that are functional, appealing and appropriate for the space.
  • Using design software (such as AutoCAD) to create models and visuals.
  • Researching and preparing plans, diagrams or sketches for interior constructions, materials, finishes, lighting and furnishing.
  • Selecting suppliers of materials and labour.
  • Estimating costs and submitting quotes for client approval.
  • Inspecting and supervising the work of trades’ people to ensure that quality and safety standards, costs and deadlines are met.

Whether visualizing a brand-new building or giving a fresh look to a tired room, interior designers are artists who play with space to create attractive, functional interiors. Interior designers select the elements that define an interior space, from furniture and paint colors to lighting and floor coverings. They may sketch freehand or use design software to create a plan that suits the client’s needs and preferences, and reflects how the space will be used. Interior designers draft project timelines and estimate costs, place orders for materials, and oversee the installation of design elements. At project completion, they follow up with clients to ensure their satisfaction.

Space Designer

A Space Designer is a specialism of interior design and refers exclusively to space configuration.

Interior Architect

It is mix of engineering and art skill set. Big business can hire architect and interior designer separately however small business, personal home / space owner hardly. From Drawing, Blue Print, RCC, Cement, construction work to selecting wall colour, buying furniture & decorating the space all these are done by Interior Architect.  

Interior Decorator Stylist

Who do styling of movie set? Who designed interior of Titanic movie ship? A decorator Stylist provides styling and adornment of beautiful items and objects after the interior design work is complete. Decorators do not provide advice on space, structural reconfiguration or fittings. After completion of civil engineer, architect and interior designer; sometime owner / people using that space change the interior decoration or style frequently for festivals, party, function, birthday etc at the location. This can be done perfectly with help of Interior Decorator stylists.

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