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Tips for interior stylist

photography of table and chairs near plants
Indoor Plant
  1. Add real greenery

There are substantiated research on impact of indoor pants on mood and health. Adding indoor plants will not only balance mood but also provide feeling of openness and freshness.

photo of led signage on the wall
Use graphics to decorate walls
  1. Use graphics

Having costly wall paintings, curtains set, furniture, sofa cushion, flooring, metallic or wooden artefacts then use theme based graphics. Choose correct theme story and then design the graphics. There are free online tool where anyone can design graphics.


  1. Make arrangement and take photo of vignette before buying

Things look good in store but not same at home. The primary reason is environment, light colour and intensity, available free space, wall colour, music, smell etc. At home things are completely different. Visual Merchandisers are specialist in environmental psychology, visualization, arrangement, decoration so that high selling rate can be maintained. At home if this work is not done by interior stylist then same object will not look good as it was on shop. 


  1. Imbibe Minimalistic approach in life

Japanese traditional approach influenced modern interior heavily. Have flawless, clean and unoccupied walls, floor and rooms. There is no need to put lots of decoration items, or invest money in decoration. Having organized, hygienic, flawless room with minimum furniture and minimum essential items. It is called 5S technique and followed in Japanese home, school, industry etc.


  1. Make visual Array, Pattern, Sequence while arranging things

Old or new, cheap or costly whatever items are available for decoration, make a collection. Knickknacks scattered around a room look more like clutter and tend to lose their importance. Make array, specific pattern and theme based sequence of these items.


  1. Flowers

Based on space, light, colour and environment decide theme of decoration. Making real flower bouquet daily is very costly and time consuming. Buy artificial flowers of specific decoration theme from different species, colour, size, texture available in market and then arrange them. Change this arrangement weekly or monthly.


  1. Odd Colour Popup

All white like Scandinavian with small amount of Red – just a hint of this peppery hue is adequate to grab attention and make space more stimulating.  

  1. Throughout Cohesion

When styling different rooms, Plan a common story which connect all these rooms. It is not needed to have same wall colour or furniture in all these rooms. Just have one object common or with same colour, style, theme etc. For Example having similar sun-mountain wall painting in each room or same flower bouquet or same indoor plant in each room; this will grab attention very easily and encourage the guest to ask why same painting, flower or plant? 


  1. Design in Slices and maintain viewing angle-span

Don’t design whole space in one go, Take photographs of small spaces, corner, wall, celling in slices. While taking photos use furniture position, eye level, entrance and other door and bed eye level. Now when someone is standing or sitting these views he/she will get for that particular space. Now from this point of view start decoration items. Keeping items behind sofa on floor will not yield; try to put in eye level. Hanging indoor plant above eye level 7 to 9 feet or keeping just on floor – what matches will also depend upon roof height, sun light availability etc.


  1. Flexibility of iterations

Have certain things fixed but have some flexibility so that the use can change interior arrangement every month and after little iteration he/she will define optimum moving space, place to keep handy items such as keys/phone/remote/daily use items etc. 



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