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Patola Silk : The story fashion enthusiast must know

According to a legend, Anhilwad Patan was founded by Vanraj Chavda in 746 CE. Kumarpal was a Jain king and always wrapped fresh Patola fabric while performing his daily prayer. Salvis who weave in Patola Sareers, went to Gujarat from Karnataka in the 12th century with the intention of acquiring the patronage of the Chaulukyas (Kingdom). These 700 Salvis reinvented Palota Weave. It is a gift from Jain Kingdom and Salvis craftsmen to mankind.

Types of Patola Sarees:

  1. Rajkot Patola
  2. Patan Patola

             Rajkot Patola: This is only vertically resisting dyed (single ikkat).

             Patan Patola: This is horizontally-resist dyed (double ikkat).

These sarees became symbol of status and part of wedding brocade dresses and from then on, are regarded as best pure silk bridal wears.

To create a patola sari, both the warp and weft threads are wrapped to resist the dye according to the desired pattern of the final woven fabric. This tying is repeated for each colour that is to be included in the finished cloth. The technique of dyeing the warp and weft before weaving is called double ikat. The bundles of thread are strategically knotted before dyeing. Patola saris from Patan are renowned for their colorful diversity and geometrical style.

These sarees exhibit highly bold, vibrant colours and strong patterns and designs which are enough to grab anyone’s attention. Patola sarees come in a vast combination of vivid colours and intricate detailing. These sarees are perfect pick for family functions and traditional occasions. The genuine art of weaving this saree is a highly guarded family tradition of Patan weavers.

Single Ikat Patola

The double ikkat sarees are with motifs of parrots, flowers, elephants and dancing figures and are primarily used by Jains and Hindus as wedding brocade dresses.


Double Ikat Patola

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