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Shreya Keshwathi

Floral Net Lehenga


Maroon Halter Gown by Nisharga
Transparent Net Grey Deep Neck By Nisharga

Chaithra Chawdhary

Transparent Pink Embroidered Lehenga by Chaithra
The Pink Snowwhite by Chaithra
Floral Flair Pink Gown by Chaithra
The Tilted Slit Floral Gown by Chaithra
Asymmetric Dutch Gown by Chaithra
Floral Net Halter Neck Lehenga by Chaithra


The White Asymmetric Floral Gown by Pratibha
One Shoulder Black Lotus Gown by Pratibha
Denim Gothic Chic Gown by Pratibha
Golden Green Off Shoulder & Knee Length Gown

This is a beautiful royal blue wedding gown. 5000 inr

Whatever design you have in mind MIFT Designers will make illustration by hand & CAD absolutely free for you. You can manage design and cost of dress by yourself. MIFT services are free i.e. free stitching & delivery. Just call 900 8338 459 and tell whatever design you have in your mind. 


Showing 1–12 of 84 results

Showing 1–12 of 84 results