Maroon Prom by Ayesha & Manali


Designed by Ayesha Parmar & Manali Apurva

Free 6 month period for change in size and alteration if you become fat, slim or tall. Sensibly Indian women gain weight after marriage.

Free Design Change and modification.

Technically finest quality thread, textile, lining and fabric are used to make this elegant, trendy & cool costume by your local fashion designer friends and family members.

Also you can reduce cost by selecting low cost textile / fabric.

Order now at +91 900 8338 459, Just Call Now.

About Designer

It’s a team effort. Both the Designers have presented his collections at showcases across the globe and have dressed some of the leading actresses in Kannada, Hindi and many local cinema and TV channels. The designers comes from a middle class family of Karnataka, India. The designer has co-founded MIFT, India’s first open source multi channel modular ecosystem for fashion designers who struggle to showcase their artwork, craft and talent to the world. You can work together, collaborate and showcase your designs just contact this designer at +91 900 8338 459 or email at


Maroon Prom by Ayesha Manali
Maroon Prom by Ayesha Manali


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