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What is Camp Fashion?


Camp art is related to—and often confused with—kitsch, and things with camp appeal may also be described as “cheesy”. Camp can also be a social practice. For many it is considered a style and performance identity for several types of entertainment including film, cabaret, and pantomime. After a few years of easy-to-interpret themes—China, Catholicism, robots—the Met Gala went for something a bit more slippery in 2019: camp.

A lot of people are still confused about what “camp,” the theme of this year’s Met Gala, actually means. But as soon as you set foot in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s new costume exhibit, all becomes clear: Camp has nothing to do with tie-dying t-shirts at summer camp. It has everything to do with basking in the fabulousness, irony, and humor of being extra.


 It was Made famous by Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay “Notes on ‘Camp,’ ” the winking, over-the-top sensibility has a strong valence in queer art-making but is notoriously hard to pin down, much less sew into a dress. This week, just about every news outlet that does fashion criticism published some version of a “What Is Camp?” blog post, gunning for that sweet, sweet heterosexual search traffic.


What exactly is camp fashion? We delve into the theme of next week’s Met Gala. Never has the idea of ‘bad taste’ been more à la mode than right now. Style motifs from the early noughties (until recently, considered boorishly over-the-top) have been riding high on the coattails of sartorial nostalgia and creating eye-catching moments on and off the runways.

Unlike the style slaves of the noughties, however (for whom low-slung velour tracksuits were serious ‘fashion’), those buying into the trend today are doing so with far more self-awareness. They’re saying “yes I know I’m wearing a bejeweled vest but that’s the look, silly,” and in doing so, are heralding the renaissance of camp — a movement seemingly tailor-made for the Instagram era, but certainly not one born from it.


As opposed to kitsch, camp reappropriates culture in an ironic fashion, whereas kitsch is indelibly sincere. Additionally, kitsch may be seen as a quality of an object, while camp, “tends to refer to a subjective process”. Those who identify objects as “camp” commemorate the distance mirrored in the process through which, “unexpected value can be located in some obscure or exorbitant object.” The effect of camp’s irony is problematic, insofar as the agents of cultural redefinition are often of upper class standing who could, “afford, literally, to redefine the life of consumerism and material affluence as a life of spiritual poverty”. Songs, movies, buildings, furniture, novels, people and, of course, clothes, all can encompass camp.



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How to study effectively, tips to get good marks

young woman thinking with pen while working studying at her desk
How get 100 Marks in each without panic before exam. 

The top student title is always there for you to grab. However, how much are you willing to sacrifice? In case, it would have been your health, or even your life, which you wisely chose yes or no. Below are some tips how to balance happy life and good score in exams:

Spend a lot of time working on problem sets before asking others for help. For some classes, Read the book before going to lecture.  Try and have a schedule for reading the book so you don’t slack off.  

Try to save as much time as possible from ‘trivial’ stuff like homework and all; Use the remaining time for studying beyond curriculum.

assorted books on shelf
Library – Try to make reading book your hobby. 

Books always give you an upper edge. People keep on solving problems and ignore the power of theory-story. Problems will take you to 10%. The rest 90% comes when you read a standard textbook theory story of invention, need for that research, what if that invention / event does not occur. Example what if calculus integration never invented and why it was needed or what if Thermodynamics law never discovered?

Don’t indulge in group discussions. It kills time and you don’t find it productive unless you are with teachers, faculties or seniors.

There are a few other points like avoiding non productive activities, NOT listening to music/watching TV while studying, taking breaks but not too often.

person holding stay focuseds paper
Write Formula, Spelling, Dates etc on flashcards. 

Use flashcards – there is truly no better way to memorize and test you than with flashcards. Whether it is memorizing verbs, finance formulas or historic dates, flashcards are your best friend.

Study in disciplined intervals. While you may think studying 3 consecutive hours is effective, all you’re really causing is your brain getting too tired too fast and ironically, the most ineffective way to retain new information.

woman in black blazer looking at woman in grey blazer
Teach your friends and classmates 

The absolute best way to ensure that you actually know the material completely is to teach it to someone else.

The next time you look at your watch it’s nearly time for you to finish. Time passes fast when you are in your state of flow. Before you finish, you review and recall your notes, because you know that repetition works. Write down the important tasks for tomorrow, so you can build on today’s success.

woman dark eye spooky
All topics are connected, you just need more details: As Lord Buddhha said about Singularity

Top students practice eternal discipline instead of relying on emotional motivation. Top students stay controlled. Top students actively re-examine before trusting everything in book. A student who submissively reviews will spend several hours rereading notes or the textbook and probably score worse than the student who energetically reviews for half the time. Connect the historic dots by considering time and space – before 100/50/10 years of this invention / discovery how things were. Even after the invention/discovery/theory/event how things were in other countries. Examples connect World War with Steam/IC Engine plus Modern Physics plus Poverty – all are connected. The average students study topics in isolation. They rarely think or discover the connection between two seemingly unrelated topics. Example who made Asia Map after WW2 – Who & Why?

Toppers don’t aim for 100% marks in their respective exams but they get pleasure from the process of school life. Toppers always stay curious to know anything and everything when it comes to learning a subject. Toppers give their 100% and fall in love with the subject. Find a superior study group than you. Find superior peers who also care about learning the material and you get along with.

arrows box business chalk
Make Flowchart, Map, Image etc of everything you learn

Diagram / Symbol: Once you understand something, create a visual diagram / symbol. Draw theory on a piece of paper in form of flow chart, image or map.

Non-trivial problems – Consider test problems that require an extra insight which was not necessarily taught in class to be a special class of problems. Help other people study! Explaining concepts you think you understand is a great way to find out where the gaps in your knowledge are.  Another good technique is to make a list of all the topics on the test, and see how much the class has covered those topics.

girl learning person studying
Keep Calm, Follow Discipline

On Test Day

Read the whole test beforehand, start with the easiest problems first, If you get stuck on a problem, make sure you show work up to where you are, and go to a different one. Divide time based on marks and not based on question or the knowledge you have. Time given to each question must be proposal to score of that question.

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What is the fashion capital of the world in 2020

World biggest economy (PPP) in 2018

You will be surprised by the amount of technology going into the fashion industry in cities which were never a fashion capital in history. This trend will continue and you will hear a lot about Fashion Technology due to shift in power, geopolitics and PPP (purchasing power). Future of fashion has Holographic Fashion Shows and (VR) Virtual Reality based entities, fabric, hair and other innovative material and all this happening in first time cities. GDP comparisons using PPP are arguably more useful than those using nominal GDP (see List of countries by GDP (nominal)) when assessing a nation’s domestic market because PPP takes into account the relative cost of local goods, services and inflation rates of the country, rather than using international market exchange rates which may distort the real differences in per capita income. The economic benefits of being a fashion capital are not lost on the respective municipal and national governments. Which is, in turn, partly why other countries have woken up to the fact that being a fashion capital might be a financially and culturally beneficial idea.


Last but not least—Tokyo. This city of nearly 38 million has one of the quirkiest fashion scenes in the world and no other city on our list has been able to duplicate it. Moving up a notch from number 11 in 2014 to number 10 in 2015, Tokyo and its top academic institutions had a hand in shaping famous fashion designers such as Hanae Mori (Tokyo Women’s Christian University) and Issey Miyake (Tama Art University). Bunka Fashion College—one of the most prestigious fashion schools in the world, has produced famous designers such as Kenzo Takada, Junya Watanabe, Yohji Yamamoto, Hiroko Koshino, and Tsumori Chisato. Tokyo Mode Gakuen College of Fashion & Design is also one of the city’s top fashion schools.


Shanghai with Tokyo and Hong Kong and is now world’s top fashionable city. If you love luxury, you’ll fit right in as the average Shanghai shopper spends more annually than even New Yorkers. Shanghai is world’s new fashion capital. Thanks to China’s open-market spirit, international brands are flocking here to engage with the influx of luxury shoppers, while many independent local designers are attracting young trendsetters with their unique styles.


One of the largest fashion centers in Europe, Madrid is part of the world-wide Mercedes-Benz fashion week circuit. Placed between the New York and Milan fashion shows, Madrid has kept its place in the fashion world as a mix between simple and old world elegance.


Germany is not far behind when it comes to the international fashion scene and that can be seen in the city of Berlin which keeps moving up and down but always remains on the list of most important cities in global fashion. Many of the biggestfashion designers of the world come from Germany and nearly all of them are based in BerlinKarl Lagerfeld, Hugo Boss, and the founders of Escada, Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley.

There are numerous fashion schools in Germany many of which are located in Berlin itself. Examples of those include Universitat der Kunste Berlin, KHB School of Art and Design, ESMOD Berlin, Lette Verein School of Design, etc. Berlin Fashion Week, a fairly young gig, is an increasingly popular event that is the most suitable platform for up and coming fashion designers to achieve some international acclaim.


The fashion capital of India – Mumbai is always bustling with fashion. Millions of fiber and textile shops, inimitable luxury houses, and unique states’ distinct market provide completely different umpteen opportunities to the shopaholics to go ballistic with their shopping diversity. One prime reason for Mumbai’s success as a shopping hub is because it plays home to the well-renowned Bollywood which to a great extent influences the fashion trends and decisions for the city.


Each year, the Global Language Monitor generates a list of the ten most influential fashion cities. This is done by measuring the frequency with which the cities are discussed on various online mediums – blogs, websites, newspapers and journals for example. Essentially, it records the hype surrounding certain places and can identify what is trending. Over the years, Barcelona has cemented its presence in the Language Monitor’s rankings – peaking at third place in 2012. With a liberal-minded culture pushed forward by its influential youth, Barcelona continues to make an impact on the fashion industry, with its colorful and quirky Spanish apparel.


Singapore, effectively a city-state, is not only one of the top fashion cities on earth, but also a major hub of commerce, finance, transportation, multiculturalism and education. It’s an incredibly small country, but packs a bigger punch than most larger ones. It has a diverse populace of approximately 5 million people which is made up of Malays, Indians, and Eurasians Asians of different origins.


An emerging Global fashion capital, Seoul’s cultural and artistic significance in Asia suggests the South Korean capital’s fashion scene is set to thrive internationally. With the success of labels like D.Gnak and Wooyoungmi, whose masterful twists on Western styles have been showcased through the increasing international popularity of Seoul’s Fashion Week, means the city is poised to carve itself out as a hidden fashion hub gem.

Rio de Jeneiro / Sau Paulo

 Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro are quickly establishing themselves as the true cities worth following. Skeptics wonder how such a transformation could have taken place, fashion experts suggest the key to this incredible rise of high fashion lies in the quick growth of the nation’s middle class and, in turn, the associated recreational spending.  It is the country of the world championships, as well as the Olympics which were hosted in Rio de Janeiro during the summer of 2016. Whilst Rio has become the scene of sports, São Paulo is turning into the city of fashion and art.


The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is a true fashion hub that’s home to more than 100 fashion houses. Amsterdam’s denim industry is thriving: the city has the highest concentration of denim brands in the world.  There are hundreds of non-Dutch fashion companies that are currently based in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, with 25 of these companies basing their headquarters in the area. One of the key movements in Amsterdam’s fashion industry is Amsterdam Fashion Week, a biannual event that showcases the latest and greatest of Dutch and Flemish fashion. The event began in 2004 and has since developed into a recognised part of the global fashion scene.

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What is Fashion Marketing

The goal of fashion marketing and merchandising, for both manufacturers and retailers, is to sell merchandise at a profit. This requires careful planning and coordination.

Fashion Marketing is a field of marketing which uses medical technologies such as functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) to study the brain’s responses to fashion marketing stimuli. Fashion marketers use the fMRI to measure changes in activity in parts of the brain and to learn why consumers make the decisions they do, and what part of the brain is telling them to do it.


Fashion marketing managers research consumers’ preferences, coordinate production and develop their product advertising for future seasons. These professionals also monitor retail traffic and social media advertising and establish prices for new clothing lines. Fashion marketing managers earn salaries that are above-average compared to other occupations.

learning_modelCognitive marketing is one of the best ways to connect with a customer on a personal level. It essentially uses what people are already thinking about in a positive way to give a brand a position that reflects the customer’s position. This helps the customer to see a similarity between themselves and the brand, helping to form a strong connection.


Personalization is the incorporation of personal and transactional information like name, title, organization, purchase history etc. to your communication. Hyper-personalization goes one step further and utilizes behavioral and real-time data to create highly contextual communication that is relevant to the user.

Hyper-personalization or ‘personalized marketing at scale’, is where Big Data and online marketing intersect. This new marketing buzzword denotes more than a passing phase—it’s part of an irreversible evolution in marketing that targets individuals with content that is tailored to them. This is marketing done smarter, and it’s a technique you need to know about.


Fashion Psychology is the integration and utilization of the science of psychology and the industry of fashion to create manageable therapeutic tools that ultimately assist in the development of desired results in both clients’ perceptions of self, their behaviors, and moods as well as targeted objectives within the business model.

Fashion marketing and management involve the core functions of selling products and managing supply. Those on the marketing and management end of the fashion industry are tasked with the unique challenge of merging their creative aptitude and business acumen in order to generate brand awareness, which in turn generates sales. Both fashion marketers and managers create and execute well-planned marketing strategies aimed at keeping their retailers relevant by positioning them as stylish and better than their competitors.


Fashion management encompasses an understanding of marketing and the art of selling along with the skills of purchasing and inventory management. Students seeking a fashion management degree can expect to receive a good overall understanding of how the fashion industry works, from what to look for in a well-constructed garment to how to coordinate runway shows and what to look for when analyzing fashion trends.

Branding is personalizing a product to ensure a balance between different economic values. In the fashion industry branding has become the dominant competitive strategy for all successful companies. The aim of branding is to make a link between the character of an object and its branded image or form. Fashion advertising tends to be idealess. Labels are selling an image, not the clothing. Image advertising can still be conceptual, but most fashion ads and campaigns are created by fashion photographers. And most fashion photographers don’t have a clue what an ad “concept” is. To them, a concept is different weird poses, or different weird models, or different weird props, or different weird settings. These are “executions,” not ideas.


Ecommerce marketing is the process of driving sales by raising awareness about an online store’s brand and product offerings. Digital marketing for ecommerce applies traditional marketing principles to a multichannel, data-driven environment.

Fashion marketing salary averages vary depending on things such as experience, company size, location, and duties. It can be difficult to pinpoint marketers in the fashion industry in particular, since marketing positions and marketing salary data points aren’t typically fashion-specific.

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Fast Fashion: Industry, Problem,Issues, Why & How to Avoid Fast Fashion

Exploitation of poor laborers. And brain-washing of buyers by neuro-marketing.

80 billion pieces of clothing are consumed globally every year. The US spend an estimated $2.6 billion on Halloween costumes every year: worn for one night only. The volume of water consumed by apparel production each year is currently the equivalent to 32 million Olympic swimming pools. Australian’s are the world’s second largest consumers of fashion. On average, they consume 27kgs of new clothing and textiles every year. One-in-six people work in the global fashion industry.


Fast fashion can be defined as cheap, trendy clothing, that samples ideas from the catwalk or celebrity culture and turns them into garments in high street stores at breakneck speed.

Use of psychology, internet of things and hyper personal marketing help in brain bashing of buyers.

The Industrial Revolution introduced new technology – like the sewing machine. Clothes became easier, quicker and cheaper to make. Dressmaking shops emerged to cater for the middle classes.  Online shopping took off, and Fast Fashion retailers like H&M, Zara and Topshop took over the high street. These brands took the looks and design elements from the top fashion houses and reproduced them quickly and cheaply. With everyone now able to shop for on-trend clothes whenever they wanted, it’s easy to understand how the phenomenon caught on.

Land-filling by used and unused cloths is one of the biggest problem.

Fast fashion focuses on speed and low costs in order to deliver frequent new collections inspired by catwalk looks or celebrity styles. But it is particularly bad for the environment, as pressure to reduce cost and the time it takes to get a product from design to shop floor means that environmental corners are more likely to be cut. Criticisms of fast fashion include its negative environmental impact, water pollution, the use of toxic chemicals and increasing levels of textile waste.

E commerce further increased the rate of buying by placing shop in everybody’s mobile.

Most of us associate the term ‘fast fashion’ with the big brands like Zara, H&M, Forever21 and Topshop. Sustainable fashion fans have rightly called these big brands out for their poor practices and waste. Almost all new brands that have picked up the same destructive business model and do and say almost nothing about sustainability. Simplest solution is to buy as less as possible, buy classic fashion, use mix, use match techniques, buy accessories rather dresses, use organic and natural fibre, buy handlooms and handmade dresses.

Child Labor, very low wages and deadly working condition is very common.

The $2.5 trillion fashion industry is one of the largest users of water globally (pdf), according to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), noting that producing one cotton shirt requires 2,700 liters of water—”the amount a person drinks in 2.5 years.” The agency also estimates that one in six people worldwide works in a job related to fashion, an industry whose supply chain has a reputation for unsafe conditions, child labor, and other exploitative practices, especially for girls and women.

Global Warming and Climate Change is directly linked to fast fashion consumption.

Why Avoid Fast Fashion:

  • Fast fashion exploits overseas workers.
  • Fast fashion contributes to the decline of handlooms and job creation by computerized mass production.
  • Fast fashion is environmentally disastrous.
  • Fast fashion can wind up costing you more than “real” clothes.
  • Fast fashion’s low quality changes how you think about clothes.
  • Fast fashion collaborations trick you into paying for the name.
  • Fast fashion distorts your sense of value.
World biggest fast fashion company old weak building collapse in Bangladesh.

What we can do to avoid problem caused by fast fashion :

Buy Less

Buy what you need, buy things that you love, and take care of what you own.

Establish Your Priorities

 If you’re passionate about the environment, choose clothing made with organic or recycled fibers. If you care deeply about fair-labor practices, search for locally made items or fair-trade certification.

Know That You’re paying very less but why

Most fast fashion retailers are able to drive down their prices because they produce cheaply in factories in China or Bangladesh–factories that Cline herself went to visit and found that their working conditions and salaries were not necessarily fair.

Know Your Brands

The internet makes it simple to locate brands that have ethical business practices and a style that suits you. Know that manufacturers who use organic cotton and recycled fibers are making more than just a trendy choice. Apparel companies aren’t required to list the chemicals in their fabrics.

Hire a Tailor

Obviously not everyone has the time or inclination to learn to sew. But happily, there are these people called tailors and seamstresses who will actually do it for you.

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

Alteration and Size change is possible. For one time event or wearing at home, take old dresses from father, mother, siblings and friends, tell them it is to save environment. Reduce your consumption of fast fashion, buy less but good quality classic fashion items.

Buy Second Hand or Vintage

If you can’t afford independent designers, then buying from thrift stores or second hand is a great option.

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9 Years Selena-Justine, Hailey Baldwin and emotional breakdown


Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber surprised fans when they wed last month at a New York City courthouse, and now a source close to the singer tells PEOPLE exclusively the secret ceremony was the bride’s idea.

Justin Bieber is reportedly blaming himself for Selena Gomez’s recent hospitalizations, which happened weeks after his engagement and marriage to Hailey Baldwin.


In 2009 Justin Bieber (15) and Selena Gomez (17) meet for the first time after Biebs’ manager Scooter Braun rang Selena’s mum to tell her how much Biebs had the hot for Selena.

Selena Gomez’s dazzling new holiday campaign for Coach will roll out in two weeks, we hear, even as the singer remains in a psychiatric facility to deal with mental-health issues.

In reality, of course, Selena is undergoing treatment for an alarmingly low white blood cell count. It appears that the treatments themselves and the strain of her ongoing health battle with lupus was too overwhelming.


A source told Life & Style magazine on Wednesday that Bieber “won’t stop blaming himself for her breakdown.” Despite their busy work lives, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are pretty much attached at the hip nowadays and it seems like that’s all in their newlywed plans—or at least it is for Justin.

Remains to be seen whether all of these statements are true or not ! One thing is certain, the singer is doing better and this is the important part. In the meantime, it was the idea of Hailey Baldwin to marry Justin Bieber.

selena gomez

“Selena can be a delicate flower, especially because she has had constant medical struggles,” a source told PEOPLE. “But Justin’s engagement and quick marriage threw her off guard and hit her hard. She and Justin have been on and off for years, although they were so young when it all began.

Justin has basically been working since he was 13 years old. He has more money than he could ever spend, and he’s performed three world tours, so he believes he’s earned a break if he wants one. 2011 was a simpler time for all. Bieber had a clean record. Gomez and Taylor Swift were still the two amigos. At the time, Gomez was 19 and Bieber was 17, and they were spied all over the place together. From 2009 when Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez meet for the first time, it is 9 years now.

Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve With Ryan Seacrest 2010
2009 Selena and Justine
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River Island 5 amazing facts about the world’s top fashion brand

World’s biggest brand River island is a high street  fashion brand and listed in top 10 many times. it’s a whole industry of clothing, Textiles, and retail, which operates global supply chain network, sourcing and manufacturing for its products throughout the world. River Island is started in 1948 by Bernard Lewis and his brothers in London. And it’s a private company owned by the Lewis family.  River Island is fashion of women’s, men’s, children’s clothing, footwear, and accessories 
Bernard Lewis
1. There are over 300 stores in the UK and beyond, plus an award – winning online store.
Biggest RI Store
2. With over 60 years of heritage has 248 stores in UK and 300 international. It saw a 48% increase in mobile traffic to its website and 32% uplift in click – and – collect sale in 2015. River Island now deliver to over 100 countries worldwide. It’s a cash on delivery.
Head Fashion Designer 
3. Since its launch in 2012 designs have included Georgia Harding boasted turnover of almost £1 billion last year. 
4. River Island news Campaign hopes to deliver the message “labels are for clothes” for people all around the world.
5. River Island model sparks controversy over size zero appearance in 2013 for employing very thin skinny models. 


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Shakira one month and so many stories

Shakira shows off fab figure in clinging sheer ensemble as she is shackled during racy performance in Brazil. The 41-year old superstar brought her El Dorado World Tour to Sao Paulo, Brazil on Sunday 22nd Oct. And, like always, the Columbia native shook up a storm when she hit the stage in an edgy form-fitting ensemble that showcased all of her famous curves. 

Shakira was attacked on stage during a concert. Here’s how the singer handled it. But one man took things a little too far last week when the pop star was performing at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City. Before security guards could come to the hitmaker’s aid, Shakira was groped and felt up. Dressed in black pants and a white shirt, the guy even tried to kiss her.

Britney Spears Shares Sassy Salsa Moves and Shakira Totally Approves. The 36-year-old “Oops!… I Did It Again” singer posted a video to social media of her salsa dancing in heels for the first time to Shakira and Maluma’s “Chantaje.” When the Latin pop queen saw this, she was quick to send her support.

Rafael Nadal recalls video song with Shakira: ‘I like her’. In a recent press conference, Rafael Nadal recalled the video he had with Shakira in 2010 for the “Gipsy” song. The Spaniard still has good memories from it. ‘It was a new experience for me’, Nadal said.


Shakira & Maluma’s ‘Clandestino’ Tops Three Latin Airplay Charts. Shakira and Maluma’s “Clandestino” vaults 7-1 on the Latin Airplay chart (dated Sept. 29), earning Shakira her 14th leader and Maluma his 10th. The track lifts with a 27 percent boost in audience impressions (to 13 million) in the week ending Sept. 23, according to Nielsen Music.


Shakira and Don Omar Are Among Spotify’s Most Streamed Artists of the Last 10 Years.  Shakira is the 10th most streamed woman on the platform, while in 2014, Pitbull became the 10th artist to reach 1 billion streams.


On the other hand husband footballer Gerard picks each boy up and playfully rolls them around on the mud. Missing from the fun day out was the boy’s mother Shakira. The Hips Don’t Lie singer is currently traveling on the El Dorado World Tour. The soccer star took to his Instagram on Tuesday, October 9, to share a picture of he and his two sons after some time playing outside. 

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10 most unique way to celebrate Dassehra festival you must see

134,00,000,00  people are celebrating Dassehra worldwide but irony is Ram is homeless and proudly Diwali a home coming of Ram will be celebrated again without the actual home by 134,00,000,00  people worldwide. These are just few places where Dasara / Dassehra is celebrated in grand manner.




Moving Theatre, Durga Puja, Ramleela, Ravan’s wedding procession, Carnival lighting are just few things. Allahabad’s moving theatre play on street is unique in world. Different events of Ram’s life, Mahisasur’s battle, Lord Shiva’s marriage etc. are played by finest theatre artists on grand stage however stage is prepared upon large vehicles like truck or trolley. And stage is moving in whole city as per regulated carnival schedule. The celebration in Allahabad is hugely famous for its grand illumination of the Ram-Dal procession. The vibrant and colourful tableaux depicting the scenes from the Ramayana epic is a visual treat. Not on Ram-Dal but also Ravan’s procession is celebrated in outstanding and wonderful way. Ravan’s procession has his whole family wife Mandodari, Brother Vibhisan & Kumbhkaran and his huge army; all well dressed up, with proper makeup and with band. This is called Ravan ki Barat i.e. marriage party of Ravan. Various Streets are decorated with astonishing light on different day of navratri from day 1 till the 10th day. Ramleela show is organized by countless different organizing commissions. Also Durga Paja celebration is extensive. Around 20 to 25 places within city you can watch wonderful Durga Puja Arti with traditional mantra, dance & music.  


Goa Ceremonial Celebration

The day is celebrated for the marriage of lord shiva and goddess Shakti with grand rituals. The glimpse of this grand ceremonial celebration is an absolute delight. Parvati, who is Shiva’s consort, is worshiped in the various forms of goddess Durga such as Mauli, Sateri, Shantadurga, Bhumika. So, wherever these temples are located, the festivities also take those forms and especially include decorative umbrellas locally known as the tarangas. During the nine nights, the Kotkar clan prepare the flower toran (a garland of orange marigolds and mango leaves) while the Guravs (local priests), Kumbhars (potters) and sutars (carpenters) prepare the Taranga (a decorative umbrella that is representative of a God or Goddess) and the Mahar community beats the drums (Dhol).


Navaratri, Ahmedabad

 It is celebrated with utmost devotion in several temples dedicated to the Mother. Gujarat is the only state that holds a nine night dance festival ‘Rasa-Garbas’,’ Dandia ras’, perhaps the longest in the world. People flock each night to celebrate the power of Shakti. Nine nights of bustling midnight buffets, energetic garba dances and vibrantly coloured chaniya cholis, kediyus and kafni pajamas twirling to the beat of the dhol, this festive extravaganza is sure to leave a lasting impression on visitors.


Katra, Jammu and Kashmir

Katra, Jammu and Kashmir, is the Navaratra Capital of India. Devotees flock into Katra for Navratri festival. Katra glows in dazzling lights during the full nine days of Navaratri. With chants of “Jai Mata Di” filling the air, large number of people arrives here from across the country. Devotees congregate in large numbers at the holy cave dedicated to Mata Vaishnodevi at Katra in Jammu, to take part in the Navaratri festival.


Kullu, Himanchal

The first day is started with huge celebration and on this day the statue of Lord Raghunathji is installed on a beautifully designed chariot, which is graced with the presence of village gods and goddess, is pulled by ropes by the locals from its place to different sites across the Maidan. The following days are celebrated with great devotion, and many an individual takes participate in singing and dancing during the festival. The fair is fulfilled with the burning of the Lanka. On the last day of the festival, the chariot is brought by the banks of Beas River where a mass of wood grass is burnt, signifying the burning of Lanka.


Almora, Uttarakhand

This is particularly evident in the month of October as the town gears up for Dussehra celebrations. Pandals crop up all over the town in preparation for staging the Ramlila, the dramatic re-enactment of life of Rama. not just effigy of Ravana, but dozens of other effigies of demons gets burnt on the festival with plenty of crackers and lighting decorations in whole city.

Bastar – Jagdalpur, Chattisgarh

The tribals celebrate Dussehra by hailing Devi Maoli (Bastar’s native deity, the elder sister of Devi Danteshwari, family goddess of the ruling Kakatiya family) and all her sisters. Bastar Dussehra is replete with historical facts and cultural legacies. Dussehra is celebrated by the Raj family for ten days, a period where arms gifted by their family Goddess are worshipped with ardent devotion. A unique tradition is the formal handing over of the charge of the state’s management to the Diwan in the presence of the Zamindars and other noted people of Bastar region.

Unique rituals at this age-old tribal festival includes pata jatra (worship of wood), deri gadhai (posting of the pillars, kalash staphna (urn installation), kachan gaadi (throne installation for Devi Kachan), nisha jatra (nocturnal festival), muria durbar (conference of tribal chieftains) and on the last day, ohadi (farewell to deities)


Kulasekarapattinam, Tamil Nadu

Kulasekarapattinam village, requires pilgrims to dress up as gods and goddesses (or animals!) of their choosing. The temple is dedicated to ferocious Goddess Kali. Devotees channel her spirit and dance in a volatile throughout the night, holding flaming clay pots in their hands. The festival culminates with a theatrical slaying, on the beach, of demon Mahishasura by the Goddess. It’s definitely on of the most astounding spectacles in India!


Madikeri (Coorge)

A perfect time to combine a visit to the cool coffee county of Coorg is during the Madikeri Dussehra celebrations. Here you can experience festivities for 10 days where they honour the Mariamma Goddess. Karaga dance marks the occasion.

A colourful, carnival-like festival celebrated amidst the serene hills of Coorg (Kodagu), Madikeri’s Dasara has a long and fascinating history that dates back to the reign of Haaleri Kings. There are four temples dedicated to Goddess Mariamma (after whom the celebration is also called Mariamma festival), each having its own unique Karaga (a ritualistic folk dance dedicated to Draupadi) that is performed during the festival.



A beautiful floral festival dedicated to the Goddess Gauri, Bathukamma literally translates to ‘Mother Goddess, come alive’ in English. Celebrated across Telangana and in parts of Andhra Pradesh, the festival starts with the worship of Lord Ganesha followed by women dancing around a flower arrangement (that is made by placing seven concentric circles of wood on top of each other to resemble a temple gopuram).


Come Dussehra, and the streets of Chennai get decked up with kolus (simple tier-wise arrangement of idols of gods and goddesses on wooden padis). While the brightly-coloured tableaux usually represent the assembly of Goddess Durga during her battle with the demon Mahishasura, it also has displays with other themes such as episodes from Ramayana and Mahabharata.

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Tumbbad : This finest horror movie was in the making for six years.

The film begins in a village called ‘Tumbbad’ where it rains incessantly. A widowed mother lives with her two sons. The family leads a life of misery due to the great-grandmother of the family, who is believed to be cursed by Hastar – a mythical creature disgraced for his insatiable greed for wealth and food. Vinayak Rao, one of the young boys, is obsessed with discovering the whereabouts of Hastar’s buried treasure in ‘Wada’ (family mansion). 15 years later, now grown-up Vinayak (Sohum Shah) returns to Tumbbad in the quest for gold. Will he succeed?

As a young boy Vinayak (Sohum Shah) is forced to leave Tumbbad and its darkness behind. As an adult, he voluntarily goes back and embraces it. His life and being is derived from Tumbbad and its wada.

In the village of Tumbbad, ensconced somewhere in the heartland of Maharashtra, a God called Hastar guards an ancient treasure in the dark recesses of the earth, wreaking havoc on anyone who tries to get hold of it. For centuries, the village’s Rao family has been guarding the treasure zealously, but has had to pay for it.

This historical period horror revolves around three generations of a Brahmin family. But talking more about the plot here will mean revealing too much. So go and find out why Tumbbad is different.

Tumbbad stars Sohum Shah, Harish Khanna, Anita Date among others. The film promises to teleport you to the 1920s British era, when the film is set. It’s a must watch horror movie.