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Small House Interior Design Method


  1. Mezzanine

Most common in Japan and Amsterdam due to high land cost, homes, commercial shops, malls, hotels etc. make structure in mezzanine. It can be metallic, plastic or wood based so that easily assembled.

large mirror

  1. Large Mirrors

Large mirror don’t save space but they give impression of more space and light. Keeping row of indoor plant with hanging décor light will give more smoothing reflection.


  1. Natural Light and High Intensity Lights at corner

If small space don’t have fresh air, it will smell very bad. Also without sun light water moisture & humidity will make room unhygienic and spoil freshness. Design large window towards sunlight will allow fresh air and sun light.  Also keeping high intensity hanging light at different four corners will emphasise the whole area.   So rather keeping light at centre, keep hanging lights at all four corner.


  1. Scandinavian Thin Furniture with legs

Have low cost, white / monochrome, minimalist Scandinavian furniture with visible legs so that the entire floor is visible. As entire floor is visible, it will look bigger.


  1. Bespoke Decorative Bunker Beds

Search decorate bespoke beds rather buying king size fixed design beds. Use these bespoke as decoration item as well as use them for sleeping.

  1. Multipurpose transformational Fold out furniture

Sofa can be used as bed, table can be used as chair, and Bookshelf can be used to place TV etc. Buy multipurpose furniture.

  1. Extendable Glass Coffee & Dining table with legs

In kitchen also have extendable items, have movable kitchen platform to use as dining table, reduce its height to make it centre coffee table etc.

  1. Hanging Lights at room corners & vacant spaces

Don’t place lights at centres. Put high intensity hanging lights at corner to emphasise the vacant space at corners.


  1. Hanging Shelves to keep items

Use walls fully. Rather placing items on floor, hang them on walls. It will be very low cost solution for storing items.


  1. Hanging Indoor Plants

Indoor plants balance mood. As space is less, rather keeping them on floor, hang them from roof near window, door and places where fresh air or sun light comes for some time.

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What is Camp Fashion?


Camp art is related to—and often confused with—kitsch, and things with camp appeal may also be described as “cheesy”. Camp can also be a social practice. For many it is considered a style and performance identity for several types of entertainment including film, cabaret, and pantomime. After a few years of easy-to-interpret themes—China, Catholicism, robots—the Met Gala went for something a bit more slippery in 2019: camp.

A lot of people are still confused about what “camp,” the theme of this year’s Met Gala, actually means. But as soon as you set foot in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s new costume exhibit, all becomes clear: Camp has nothing to do with tie-dying t-shirts at summer camp. It has everything to do with basking in the fabulousness, irony, and humor of being extra.


 It was Made famous by Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay “Notes on ‘Camp,’ ” the winking, over-the-top sensibility has a strong valence in queer art-making but is notoriously hard to pin down, much less sew into a dress. This week, just about every news outlet that does fashion criticism published some version of a “What Is Camp?” blog post, gunning for that sweet, sweet heterosexual search traffic.


What exactly is camp fashion? We delve into the theme of next week’s Met Gala. Never has the idea of ‘bad taste’ been more à la mode than right now. Style motifs from the early noughties (until recently, considered boorishly over-the-top) have been riding high on the coattails of sartorial nostalgia and creating eye-catching moments on and off the runways.

Unlike the style slaves of the noughties, however (for whom low-slung velour tracksuits were serious ‘fashion’), those buying into the trend today are doing so with far more self-awareness. They’re saying “yes I know I’m wearing a bejeweled vest but that’s the look, silly,” and in doing so, are heralding the renaissance of camp — a movement seemingly tailor-made for the Instagram era, but certainly not one born from it.


As opposed to kitsch, camp reappropriates culture in an ironic fashion, whereas kitsch is indelibly sincere. Additionally, kitsch may be seen as a quality of an object, while camp, “tends to refer to a subjective process”. Those who identify objects as “camp” commemorate the distance mirrored in the process through which, “unexpected value can be located in some obscure or exorbitant object.” The effect of camp’s irony is problematic, insofar as the agents of cultural redefinition are often of upper class standing who could, “afford, literally, to redefine the life of consumerism and material affluence as a life of spiritual poverty”. Songs, movies, buildings, furniture, novels, people and, of course, clothes, all can encompass camp.



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How to study effectively, tips to get good marks

young woman thinking with pen while working studying at her desk
How get 100 Marks in each without panic before exam. 

The top student title is always there for you to grab. However, how much are you willing to sacrifice? In case, it would have been your health, or even your life, which you wisely chose yes or no. Below are some tips how to balance happy life and good score in exams:

Spend a lot of time working on problem sets before asking others for help. For some classes, Read the book before going to lecture.  Try and have a schedule for reading the book so you don’t slack off.  

Try to save as much time as possible from ‘trivial’ stuff like homework and all; Use the remaining time for studying beyond curriculum.

assorted books on shelf
Library – Try to make reading book your hobby. 

Books always give you an upper edge. People keep on solving problems and ignore the power of theory-story. Problems will take you to 10%. The rest 90% comes when you read a standard textbook theory story of invention, need for that research, what if that invention / event does not occur. Example what if calculus integration never invented and why it was needed or what if Thermodynamics law never discovered?

Don’t indulge in group discussions. It kills time and you don’t find it productive unless you are with teachers, faculties or seniors.

There are a few other points like avoiding non productive activities, NOT listening to music/watching TV while studying, taking breaks but not too often.

person holding stay focuseds paper
Write Formula, Spelling, Dates etc on flashcards. 

Use flashcards – there is truly no better way to memorize and test you than with flashcards. Whether it is memorizing verbs, finance formulas or historic dates, flashcards are your best friend.

Study in disciplined intervals. While you may think studying 3 consecutive hours is effective, all you’re really causing is your brain getting too tired too fast and ironically, the most ineffective way to retain new information.

woman in black blazer looking at woman in grey blazer
Teach your friends and classmates 

The absolute best way to ensure that you actually know the material completely is to teach it to someone else.

The next time you look at your watch it’s nearly time for you to finish. Time passes fast when you are in your state of flow. Before you finish, you review and recall your notes, because you know that repetition works. Write down the important tasks for tomorrow, so you can build on today’s success.

woman dark eye spooky
All topics are connected, you just need more details: As Lord Buddhha said about Singularity

Top students practice eternal discipline instead of relying on emotional motivation. Top students stay controlled. Top students actively re-examine before trusting everything in book. A student who submissively reviews will spend several hours rereading notes or the textbook and probably score worse than the student who energetically reviews for half the time. Connect the historic dots by considering time and space – before 100/50/10 years of this invention / discovery how things were. Even after the invention/discovery/theory/event how things were in other countries. Examples connect World War with Steam/IC Engine plus Modern Physics plus Poverty – all are connected. The average students study topics in isolation. They rarely think or discover the connection between two seemingly unrelated topics. Example who made Asia Map after WW2 – Who & Why?

Toppers don’t aim for 100% marks in their respective exams but they get pleasure from the process of school life. Toppers always stay curious to know anything and everything when it comes to learning a subject. Toppers give their 100% and fall in love with the subject. Find a superior study group than you. Find superior peers who also care about learning the material and you get along with.

arrows box business chalk
Make Flowchart, Map, Image etc of everything you learn

Diagram / Symbol: Once you understand something, create a visual diagram / symbol. Draw theory on a piece of paper in form of flow chart, image or map.

Non-trivial problems – Consider test problems that require an extra insight which was not necessarily taught in class to be a special class of problems. Help other people study! Explaining concepts you think you understand is a great way to find out where the gaps in your knowledge are.  Another good technique is to make a list of all the topics on the test, and see how much the class has covered those topics.

girl learning person studying
Keep Calm, Follow Discipline

On Test Day

Read the whole test beforehand, start with the easiest problems first, If you get stuck on a problem, make sure you show work up to where you are, and go to a different one. Divide time based on marks and not based on question or the knowledge you have. Time given to each question must be proposal to score of that question.

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