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Interior Design Career: Luxury Ship Cruise Yacht Interior Designing Process

Luxury Ship Cruise Yacht interior operations range from structural outfitting up to the smallest item of furniture, supplies and fits bulkheads, internal partitions, linings, ceilings, floors, doors and windows, furniture and curtains, lighting, teak decking and swimming pool equipment, transforming bare hulls into luxury mega yachts of the highest standards.

Design Process Phase One

• Initial consultation & Market Research, SWOT, PESTEL, Marketing Mix for client proposal and then make some rough presentation or printout report for discussion
• Schedule meetings to discuss the feel and interior/exterior/architecture
• Outline your project and discuss the project budget
• Begin our established Project Management Procedure

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Analysing all Failure and Planning for countermeasure is 1st step for 100% success

Design Process Phase Two

• Prepare interior design concepts customised and do DFMEA ( Design failure mode effect analysis)
• Space Planning, General Arrangements, Drawing, BOM, PFMEA Document
• Agree upon objectives, budget, and time lines

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Finalisation of Design, Project, Quality, After Service, Financial and Legal Contract

Huge attention being paid to the use of unusual or unique materials, particularly marble, high quality wood and elegant wall tapestries or curtains, to achieve pleasant and attractive effects. Structural Modelling, Strength Analysis, Stress Strain and Fatigue Analysis, Crash Test, Leakage Analysis, Novice Vibration Harshness Simulation, Magnetic Resonance, Electrical Emission are just few simulation software based test which are done before making any physical Proto part. Interior Designer must contact each and every different Ship Design Departments before starting these work. It is called front loading concept ie if any change is done in chassis or frame of ship then all decoration needs to be changed so it is responsibility of interior designer to take approval from design, quality and other departments.

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Proto Design and Proto Testing on Proposed Design

Interior Designers provides the marine industry with planning, design, engineering, construction supervision, materials and project execution relating to new building and refurbishment of cruise ships, luxury hotels, mega yachts etc. Highly skilled project management teams control this fitting out and have acquired a reputation for quality and competitiveness, whilst completing projects on time and within budget.

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Proto Design to Real Life Design Change Calculation for cost, quality & deviations

Designing Process Phase Three

• Do Vendor Bench-marking, Request for Quotation, Negotiation and then Select and specify all construction items, suppliers and supply chain plan
• Design and draft component child parts drawings, Bill of Material, Testing Standard, Assembly Method and detail elevations with DFMEA ( Design failure mode effect analysis)
• Plan, Strategise and Create custom yacht furniture
• Do PFMEA ( Process failure mode effect analysis) and Implement design plans and construction documents

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Finalising Process, Systems, Designs, Procurement,  Assembly and Quality Testing

Designing Process Phase Four

• Make Live Real Time Monitoring System for Supervision and coordination of craftsmen and contractors for planning, operations, materiel supply, assembly, quality, testing and manufacturing
• Do Quality Testing of all materials and then do Supervision of all installations
• Plan, Organise, Control each and every Coordination of purchase, man power resource, raw material, assembly and installation of yacht outfitting items and personal amenities


Broadly speaking Interior designers has to offer the following services:
• Design, Design Failure Mode Effect Analysis, Endurance & Fatigue Testing
• Constructive and executive engineering & Process Failure Mode Effect Analysis
• Production in its own workshop & Quality Testing
• On-board assembling and Functional Testing & Endurance Testing

Some of the very latest technologies, together with the most qualified engineers, interior architects, installation managers, technicians and skilled fitters competence and know-how, are applied into manufacturing and installation activity.

Interior Designers assures a complete and flexible service going from constructive engineering to production in its own plant and assembly on site, making sure that the architectural project is carried out completely and faithfully.

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Budgeting, Lay outing, Procurement and Arrangement of furniture, light, crafts, artefacts, plants etc

Other major roles and responsibilities of Interior Designer for Ship Yacht Cruise 

Design / Management Report Preparation :-

Mood Board, Design Element, FMEA, SWOT, PESTEL, 7P, PDCA, Kaizen, 5Why, 5W1H etc

Procurement Reports :-

RFQ, Vendor Bench-marking, Negotiation, LOI, LOC, PO, Invoice, Billing etc

Other Related Area:-

  • Supply and assembly of furniture elements and accessories
  • Furniture carpentry
  • Special decorations
  • Wall and ceiling panels, floors, doors
  • Toilet fittings and accessories
  • Lighting Psychology, special and decorative lamps
  • Furniture upholstery, sofas, banquettes, armchairs, bar stools, curtains, etc.


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