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Fashion Stylist : Career, Type, Job Description, Course

Almost all global leaders have personal stylists.

Fashion stylists are those professionals who see the possibilities in clothing. Stylist work in textile and apparel manufacturing industry, eCommerce, retailers, Media, TV, Movies, along with merchandiser, Ad agencies, event companies, politicians and celebrities, malls and stores, beauty salons, makeup artists, photographers, news agencies, magazines, bloggers and vlogging channels.


Fashion Stylists are responsible for making people appear attractive and fashionable and hence, possess all the knowledge and tactics on how to accentuate the positive attributes of people. They can bring life to any photographer’s or visionary’s vision by mix and matching the outfits and accessories altogether. By consulting with make-up artists, hair stylists, directors, and photographers, fashion stylists create best of the fashion products in the industry.


A movie has many actors, all needs styling? Who do this.

Fashion stylists coordinate outfits from an array of clothing and accessories. They may dress mannequins for retail store displays or photo shoots and assist store customers with choosing clothing and accessories to complement their body type and lifestyle.

The work environment is often fast-paced with travel possibly required or even relocation to major cities for work opportunities. Stylists must keep up with frequently changing fashion trends and may need to put in extra hours to meet deadlines.

Thousands of magazine and each have many pages and models. Who style them?

Aspiring fashion stylists can complete various fashion courses that provide them with basic knowledge on how to put outfits together and an understanding of fashion trends. College-level courses provide more formal training on fashion merchandising, fashion design and visual merchandising that allow you to earn a two-year or four-year degree. Possessing a degree will make you a more marketable professional, and you will have a better idea of how the fashion industry works. On-the-job training can be obtained through internships available at many fashion schools.

Thousands of tv channel and each have many ads, programs. each ad and program have many people  or models. Who style them?

Stylists come in many forms and much to what little general public may know about us stylists have been integral to the industry for a very long time. In past as stylists MIFT students wear many hats and be involved in many facets of the creative progress in textile / apparel manufacturing industries. A stylist is a trusted advisory in all aspects of clients wardrobe, hair, beauty, lifestyle and anything else that will enable stylists to fulfill clients social, professional or commercial requirements.

Ad Agencies and eCommerce is biggest recruiter of freelancing stylists.


Each different fashion stylist job requires the various skills to detail and knowledge of trendy style. A fashion stylist must always make the model, celebrity and set look attractive rather than just fashionable. Fashion stylist jobs are highly competitive, but are certainly possible for those with both talent and determination. As fashion stylists are independent contractors, they must pay their own taxes. All fashion stylists must work hours that best suit their clients which is some time exhausting and arduous.  



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