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What to wear to a fashion show

Dressing for Fashion Week should be fun, but it also needs to be practical. As a fashion school director, I’m constantly running  between runway shows, designer presentations, breakfasts, dinners with brands forecasting teams. Fashion Week is a marvellous time to show off your street style and really capture the attention of the media. Those fashion editors will write about you, your frenemies will be keenly watching you and you will choose to feel like the star of the show yourself. It might sound glamorous—and don’t get me wrong, nothing compares—but a weeklong marathon of events requires some combination of comfort, versatility and statement-making style.


Scoring an invite to a fashion show is a dream come true for many fashionistas. But once the excitement dies down, you may be stressing out over what to wear to the show. The basic tips are as follows:

  • It needs to be fashionable (of course).
  • It needs to have a fun or funky design element.
  • It should be a bit more glamorous than how you usually dress.
  • It’s fun to experiment with new texture, color or to do something outside of the box.
  • It needs to be different from what you wore to last year’s event.
  • It still needs to fit your style personality, so you will feel like yourself.


Don’t Sacrifice Comfort

Wear something chic that allows for mobility. Wear something you can breathe in. You want to enjoy your time at the fashion show, not be adjusting yourself and wiping away sweat all night.

Keep Your Edge

If you like to stand out in a crowd, go for an edgier look. Start with a funky leather jacket – a style that features studs or grommets is a sexy option, or go bolder with a jacket that features colorful appliques or airbrushed details.

Keep it Casual

The truth is that you are not trying to be the model at the show but merely there to enjoy the party with all the rest of them.

Celebrate New Trends

If you’re hoping to repeat some garments during a longer event, like a week-long stay at NYFW, it’d be wise to pack as many versatile fashion-forward tops as you can.

Know a Tailor

Your body is not generic and neither should be your clothes. Weird pocket bulges and sleeves that are too long for your own arms, no matter how shapely they may be, are all too common a problem that must be eradicated quickly.

Opt for a Dress

Adopt an equally casual look with a dress in a low-key style for an effortless, stylish look. A shift dress features an uncomplicated design, usually ends at or above the knees, and has a loose fit at the waist to give it a relaxed feel.

Carry a Clutch

At most fashion shows, you won’t have a whole lot of leg room or personal space. Plus, a lot goes on in a short amount of time, and having to constantly keep an eye on your designer handbag gets frustrating.

Do Not Spend a Fortune

You don’t need to put in the month’s rent to but a new outfit either. Just pool your money for something that is more of an investment piece, versatile for many occasions and that which is sure to have you looking and feeling as amazing as can be.

Analyze Seasonal Tones

The “live colorfully” mantra shouldn’t be reserved for spring and summer. If you love color, analyze which seasonal tones are most appropriate for the occasion.

Mind the Weather

Light blazers are a great option for cooler evenings, but leave your coats at home. If you’re going to layer, you’ll want to pack particularly breathable fabrics, like cotton.

Choose Breathable Fabrics

As you’re packing or getting ready, choose particularly breathable fabrics, like cotton. Cotton didn’t become world’s favorite fabric by accident. It’s durable, versatile, and it breathes easier than synthetic fabrics, like polyester, nylon, latex, etc, which is why it’s such a smart option for occasions when you may feel flushed.