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How to start a fashion blog or how to become a fashion blogger

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Are you expert or understand any field within different aspects of fashion industry ? From cotton crop to movies and from eCommerce  to land-filling, fashion industry is so diverse that there is no commonality and limitation for fashion bloggers.


Are you IT, computer or software engineer and understand how search engine works? Google search console is must if anyone want to start blogging.


If you have any one skill from above two, you can just start fashion blogging but give some time to get readers feedback and increase followers. First – Fashion Skill: Pattern Cutting, Makeup, Hair styling, Stitching, textile science, merchandising, illustration, styling, fashion consulting, modelling etc. OR Second Blogging skills : creative writing, video editing, SEO, data analysis, photography, content writing, info-graphics, social media marketing, reader psychology, content trend analysis, viral headline analysis etc. It you are a software engineer & have expertise in fashion then Fashion Search Engine Optimization Blog will give you good earning.   


Technically, above both are different things. How to start a general blog will have similar process. However a blog focused on Fashion is Fashion blog. You can start a fashion blog by following below steps. Try to mix fashion influencer skills to be more successful in less time.

Step 1. Start free blog on WordPress and Google blogger. Work on both and see which you like more.


Step 2. Now do Fashion keyword research. First you can write in which you are expert. Second you can do research and then write about what people are searching. Use google trend to know what people are searching.


Step 3. Write your Fashion blogs with above keywords in both your expertise blogs as well as trending blogs. You can add personal styling, images or videos if you are interested in modeling or direct connection with reader. Direct connection always boost reliability if you have rich content and also leads to fashion influencer world.  


Step 4. Take feedback from friends, family members and social media about your writing skills. When you make good fan following, you can buy domain name. Social media feedback can increase your reach and understanding about readers. You must share as much as possible in early days to make fan following and improvement in your blogging style. 


MIFT blogging students generally follow above steps. Next stage is more data oriented. To become successful fashion blogger one must expert in at least one from social media marketing, google search console, google analytics analysis, photography, modelling, writing, makeup, stitching etc. Either fashion skill or SEO skill, one is must to be successful fashion blogger, which is a part of course of MIFT students.

“How much do fashion bloggers make” should not be the primary question at least in early days. There are many methods to earn money by blogging. Google Adsense is only option as other pay very less for ads. Affiliate marketing, direct selling, social selling, paid writing and promotion are few methods with one can use to earn but only after having rich and healthy followers, this Health depends upon country, exchange rate, cost per click, key word monitory value, matching of ad with your blog content etc.