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Most searched fashion queries on google ever

Following are most search fashion queries in 2018, ever green doubts and also very crucial information for fashion students and enthusiast.


  1. How to start a Fashion blog

Or How to become a Fashion blogger

Technically, above both are different things. How to start a general blog will have similar process. However a blog focused on Fashion is Fashion blog. You can start a fashion blog by following below steps. Try to mix fashion influencer skills to be more successful in less time. 

Step 1. Start free blog on WordPress and Google blogger. Work on both and see which you like more.

Step 2. Now do Fashion keyword research. First you can write in which you are expert. Second you can do research and then write about what people are searching. Use google trend to know what people are searching. 

Step 3. Write your Fashion blogs with above keywords in both your expertise blogs as well as trending blogs. 

Step 4. Take feedback from friends, family members and social media about your writing skills. When you make good fan following, you can buy domain name. 

MIFT blogging students generally follow above steps. Next stage is more data oriented. To become successful fashion blogger one must expert in at least one from social media marketing, google search console, google analytics analysis, photography, modelling, writing, makeup, stitching etc. Either fashion skill or SEO skill, one is must to be successful fashion blogger, which is a part of course of MIFT students.


  1. What is Fashion merchandising

In dropshipping, global quick supply chain, anticipatory shipping and connected world, Fashion merchandising has become too Technology oriented area that engineers, psychologists, operation managers and other fields experts work in Fashion merchandising. Fashion Merchandising work changes depending upon area manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, operation etc. Most common work is Fashion Forecasting, Raw Material Buying Proposal, Buying, Manufacturing in some cases, Inventory Management, Service Feedback to Designers, Profitability Study etc. Sometimes Fashion merchandising managers has to coordinate between these different divisions rather doing only one core job. 

Most of above are just name of fashion designers which become brand name latter.

3. How much do Fashion Designers Make

It simply depends upon work profile, organization, influencing skills, fan base etc. In top organizations merchandising managers get above industry average. E-commerce merchandising managers get even more. Old skills such as illustration, stitching, embroidery etc. are not in much demand due to Fast Fashion. Fast Fashion is more in affordable mass production based Designs. However if a fresh fashion designer mix art and science skill then he/she will have ample job scope. Such as Digital Marketing plus stitching, Makeup plus Data Analysis, Photography plus Forecasting Trend Analysis, Product Design plus Costing etc.  

Industrial Revolution, Fast Machine, Fast Global Supply Chain, eCommerce Real Time Ordering make fast fashion 90% more faster  compared to 10 year back.

4. What is Fast Fashion

For daily, office, college, home people don’t prefer highly skilled, hand made, embroidered dresses. After Mass Production the manufacturing cycle time reduced by 50%, by quick supply chain further transportation time reduced by 50%, after e-commerce, customer ordering become instantaneous. All this make Fashion so affordable, quick and reliable that masses started buying what they just like and manufacturing company started to promote it for more Profitability. But these the successful companies who don’t focus on fast fashion and hardly invest in forecasting trend analysis. Uniqlo and Zara is opposite but both are global giants. Uniqlo is classic and Zara is fast fashion. Zara changes collection / range in every 2/3 month but Uniqlo make best quality classic design for long period. 

5. How to be fashionable with no money

The reason people like buying new, fashionable things is because they make them feel good about themselves. Unlike popular belief, sewing is no rocket science, you can learn it easily too. Focus on mix and match of accessories. Next time rather buying clothing, make a collection of accessories such as Caps, Necklace, Bangles, Earrings, Scarves, Head gears, Glasses, Hand Bands etc. Learn some fashion hacks and use them on old dresses to redesign and reuse them. Fashion fade away, style is eternal. Focus on style, your attitude, health, shape, walking style, and communication style. Just think a male fashion model in any jeans, will he look bad? or a female model you love, will she look bad in flower head wrap, printed scarves, trendy earrings but with normal dress? No. Just mix style with accessories consequently without investing money on dresses you will look much fashionable than any luxury shopper.


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MIFT ( Mysore Institute of Fashion Technology) students, trainee and scholars study and research about fashion, makeup, forecasting, e commerce, disruptive technologies in fashion & cosmetics industry. The primary research objective is to create open industry modular ecosystem platform for fashion designers and makeup artists to work and earn in hyper personal and local market using IR 4 and 5 ( industrial revolution) technologies to disrupt connected digitalization of mass production.