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100 years after 1920 fashion repeating you must check   

Sportswear worn by younger women became the utmost change in post first world war fashion. The most notable fashion leaning of the Roaring Twenties was certainly flapper look. The straight-line chemise topped by the close-fitting cloche hat became the uniform of the day. After World War I, the fashion landscape shifted like tectonic plates. Once reserved for aristocrats and the affluent, high fashion had taken a noticeably more attainable turn, allowing middle class men and women in on the fun. Women’s fashions of the 1920s are a large part of the Jazz Age identity. New technology and the end of the horrors brought about by World War I and the 1918 Flu Pandemic gave rise to a youthful exuberance personified by the Flapper. It was the decade that women won the right to vote, the decade of Prohibition, the Harlem Renaissance, and tremendous middle-class affluence. Women’s fashion in the 1920s was a rejection of stuffy Victorianism and the rejection of the “Gibson Girl” look. 1920s fashion, instead, was the embracement of vice, youth, and frivolity.


o             Cloche cap and small bobbed hairstyles


o             Beaded flapper dress


o             T-strap heels


o             Golf knickers, argyle socks, blouse and tie

o             Handy beaded purses

o             Fur coats

o             Beaded feather headbands


o             Long necklaces


o             knee length drop waist straight fit dress


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