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10 Amazing Home Remedies for SMOOTH EVEN UNIFORM skin tone you must know

If you have uneven skin tone, do not use costly chemicals by respectable global brand  endorse by beautiful celebrities or miss worlds. Use following natural and easily available home remedies. 

How many times a day or for how many min you should apply it depend upon current skin tone problem, availability of time and rate of improvement in skin tone. Usually apply daily one for 30 min or twice for 15-15 min however check improvement rate weekly and then decide to continue or stop. 


Oatmeal Tomato

make paste of Oatmeal and tomato to apply onto the skin and leave the dough for 30 minutes before washing off it with cold water.


Cucumber Honey & Lemon

Mix honey, grated cucumber & few drops of lemon and then apply it on the neck and face, leaving the mask for 15 – 20 minutes and then using cold water to wash it off.



Glow on face is related to stomach, lever, kidney and other parts. Eat papaya for glow on skin. Take the inner part of papaya skin to rub on your face and leave it till dry.  Use cold water to rinse.


Almond Honey Lemon & Milk cream

mix one teaspoon of honey, one teaspoon of lemon juice, half teaspoon of almond oil and one teaspoon of milk cream. Gently apply the mixture to your skin. Leave it for 20 min. Wash with natural water.


Gram Flour with Rose Oil

Make thick paste of gram flour with little rose water and apply this paste onto your skin for 20 min, wash with cool water.


Oranges Curd & Turmeric

Make thick mixture of orange peels, one tablespoon curd and one tablespoon turmeric apply it to your skin. Wash off the paste after 20-30 minutes with cool water.


Yogurt Lemon & Honey

Mix one spoon honey, one tablespoon yogurt  and honey onto your face and neck skin and let it dry naturally for 10 – 15 minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water


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