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10 AMAZING HOME REMEDIES FOR face Acne removal you must know

Blackheads, pimples, pustules, rosacea, whiteheads, zits, pizza-face, skin inflammation ?


Haldi (Turmeric)  

Mix  honey and turmeric and keep it on for about 30 minutes to allow the paste to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. Rinse thoroughly with normal water.

essential oils and natural cosmetics with herbs

Natural Oils

Apricot, Neroli, Rose, and Lavender oil seperately or mixture can be used as daily moisturizer to help heal your scar.



Mixing honey with cinnamon is a great renewal treatment that can help keep skin smooth and clear.



With bioflavonoids, like cepalin and kaempferol, onion extract has been known to significantly reduce the appearance of scars.

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Baking Soda 

Using two parts water and one part baking soda, make a paste and scrub it on the affected area, rinsing thoroughly and gently after a minute.

Your office or friend have aloe vera tree, you can grow it at home.

Aloe Vera 

Antioxidants in aloe vera reduce swelling and redness, while its natural astringent removes excess oil and dead cells.


Shea butter

It eliminates stretch marks if used daily. Geographical availability is constraint and packed product have some impurity so check ingredients. Natural is always safe.  



It has alpha hydroxy acids which is healthy for skin. Rub half lemon over the scar for about 15 minutes. Within 1 week it will show you results. 


Apple cider 

Mix vinegar and honey and leave it on for 20 minutes after applying it to the  acne skin. Do it daily for one week. 


Coconut Oil 

It has Omega fatty acid which penetrates and moisturizes the skin.  Use it daily in night. 

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