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1. Non Metal Earrings: Earrings that are bold, unique and original are something you can flaunt this season. Sparkles, dangles, tassels are few earrings you should definitely own.


2. Shoulder Handbags: The handbag trend is quietly blowing up. You will definitely make heads turn with these trendy bags. These are not only tools for carry-on but essential fashion accessories. Fabulous patterns, bright colors, exotic themes or the timeless classy ones, you could have anything which goes with your personality.


3. Sparkling & Florescence SNEAKERS: Sneakers are getting churned out in style we never thought would stick. May it be the white sneakers or the glitter ones, these sneakers are in this season. The casual cute vibes lets you be yourself with great comfort and style.


4. Tribal & Gothic Finger Rings: The two finger ring trend is currently ruling the fashion jewelry world right now. Finger rings with geometric shapes and uniqueness are on the rise. So these rings are definitely something you should own.




5. Over-sized Tinted Sunglasses: Sunglasses are always one of the trendiest accessories one can wear. One of the biggest trends of the year is the tinted glasses. Over-sized round glasses and aviator sun-glass trend is back and taking many shapes. Embellished shapes, flat-top are some styles you can go for this season.


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