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5 most common but wonderful makeup styles you must know

Being an everyday beauty staple for the majority of women, its natural to wonder what makeup is actually made out of. Whether its an occasional highlighter or favorite day or for daily working day.


A nude Makeup look is polished and pretty because you will simply boosting your skin tone. Apply a shimmery shadow in light shade or peach to your entire lid and then brush a pale champagne highlighter along the brow bone and around the inner corners. Cheeks a satin finish honey apricot blush a ups the warmth in fair skin. The most important aspect of a nude Makeup look is its fresh skin effect.


Bridal Makeup is an important part of bridal dressing. Along with the shinning jewelers and a gorgeous wedding dress, bride makeup and the hair do is inappropriate then there beauty are also marred. Though Indian bridal makeup is bit gorgeous with red and gold hues per dominating but the makeup should not be over the top and should naturally enhance the dewy radiance of the bride.


Party means fun filled session, dancing and night long entertainment. There are chance of your makeup melting down and wear a blinding outfit, keep your makeup simple and vise versa. Appling dramatic eye shadow. You may want to wear sparkling or glittery eye shadow at night because it will create a nice look when the light dance off it.


Gothic look is a dark makeup style. Its favorite among collage girls or teenagers who love the dark devilish look. It’s a different genre of makeup which is considered extraordinary and sexy. For this look you just need a very dark lip stick and a darker eye shadow  colors. This makeup is perfect to choice for the day time but for an open air concert or a party or even for a Halloween theme parties, this can be really cool and you will simply rock in this Gothic look.


Airbrush makeup is a makeup sprayed onto the skin using an airbrush instead of being applied with sponges, brushes, finger or other methods. An Airbrush system can be altered to suit every types of makeup application by changing the air pressure for lighter, heavier, detailed or broader makeup’s. Its much in popular in film, theater and sunless tanning.


About Author : Moulya 


Moulya is well known makeup consultant and work as freelancer for Kannada movies, TV and other media related assignments. She if from Mysore, India. She has written extensively about fusion of Indian makeup with Gothic, Kawaii, Irani, Latina and African makeup. She is author of many blogs, media and magazines.


MIFT ( Mysore Institute of Fashion Technology) students, trainee and scholars study and research about fashion, makeup, forecasting, e commerce, disruptive technologies in fashion & cosmetics industry. The primary research objective is to create open industry modular ecosystem platform for fashion designers and makeup artists to work and earn in hyper personal and local market using IR 4 and 5 ( industrial revolution) technologies to disrupt connected digitalization of mass production. 


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