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Tumbbad : This finest horror movie was in the making for six years.

The film begins in a village called ‘Tumbbad’ where it rains incessantly. A widowed mother lives with her two sons. The family leads a life of misery due to the great-grandmother of the family, who is believed to be cursed by Hastar – a mythical creature disgraced for his insatiable greed for wealth and food. Vinayak Rao, one of the young boys, is obsessed with discovering the whereabouts of Hastar’s buried treasure in ‘Wada’ (family mansion). 15 years later, now grown-up Vinayak (Sohum Shah) returns to Tumbbad in the quest for gold. Will he succeed?

As a young boy Vinayak (Sohum Shah) is forced to leave Tumbbad and its darkness behind. As an adult, he voluntarily goes back and embraces it. His life and being is derived from Tumbbad and its wada.

In the village of Tumbbad, ensconced somewhere in the heartland of Maharashtra, a God called Hastar guards an ancient treasure in the dark recesses of the earth, wreaking havoc on anyone who tries to get hold of it. For centuries, the village’s Rao family has been guarding the treasure zealously, but has had to pay for it.

This historical period horror revolves around three generations of a Brahmin family. But talking more about the plot here will mean revealing too much. So go and find out why Tumbbad is different.

Tumbbad stars Sohum Shah, Harish Khanna, Anita Date among others. The film promises to teleport you to the 1920s British era, when the film is set. It’s a must watch horror movie.


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