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How to become fashion model

Much before acting & modelling, Akshay Kumar masters in marshal arts

Different Industry & Scope

eCommerce Modelling , Ramp walk, Fashion Magazine, TV Commercial, Fashion Brand Ambassador, Fashion Influencer, Fashion Stylist, Fashion Blogger, Stylist, Specific Field Modelling etc. there are many types of fashion model exist now. In 2018 there is no fix route to become fashion model. A gym athlete with solid body can do modelling for related product on ramp, TV, magazine and social media. Or a fashion enthusiast can maintain blog, social media channels and pages where rather hiring a model the person him/herself start modelling. There are many cases like this, you can simply watch some successful make tutorials on Youtube, where the makeup artist started with some model but slowly become a global personality & start modelling herself.

Skill Set & Education

If you combine 3 to 4 of above jobs/skills then it will become easy for you, for example you participate in ramp walk, you are locally famous blogger, you are locally famous athlete, you have proper training of styling or makeup or fashion; In this case chances are more to enter into market smoothly. If you only know how to walk on ramp, it will be difficult for you unless you are excellent. This is for entry level, when you get some good financial contracts then you can focus only on modelling.

Try to find out your other talent like dancing, singling, painting, music, body building, or any sports which you can mix with your modelling future plan. If you can mix your talent with modelling career at early stage it can help you. Again this is for entry level, when you get some good financial contracts then you can focus only on modelling.

Local & international celebrity, actors, athletes etc. generally charge more than a regular fashion model. You can read about highest earning fashion models in world by clicking here. It’s not easy at early stage to get work easily. Why fashion model exist? Who get benefited, how & why? The core is marketing, advertising & branding.

It’s not “who you are” but it’s “who knows you”

Understanding & technical knowledge can always help you. Ad Agency, Fashion Event Company, Model Management, Event Sponsorship Management, Fashion Photography, Fashion Makeup & Styling etc. if you know about these business models, profit margin, functioning & constraints then surely you will be preferred over other models. Cost reduction, time management, client satisfaction & correct brand positioning etc. are some key targets for organizers. If fashion model understand organizers expectation then it can build good PR and the fashion model can go in long term financial contract with the organiser or agency.  Ultimately it’s not “who you are” but it’s “who knows you”.

Lesser Important Things


It is not about personality, poses and expressions. To be a professional fashion model you should not have a conventional body, excellent confidence. It is not required to carry all kind of garments with confidence. You can focus on 1 or 2 specific modelling fields where your physical contract doesn’t fight with project need. If you are 5 feet with attractive eyes, sensual face & suggestive expression, rather fighting simply go for eye 0r face make up product modelling.

Body type

Only face modelling or only hand etc.

No need to have fit and lean body. If you have eyes like Ashwarya Roy you can do face modelling for beauty product even if you are bulky. For watch or bangles, if your hands are beautiful try it.


Product modelling is easy option, simply search shoes on Google you will find model wearing shoes with less focus on model height. Or photography angle can manage it easily.


Plus size modelling for fashion events, magazine and ecommerce.

Zero Size

It is unprofitable as it will narrow your scope & opportunity.


Trivago Model, Remember your education always helps whatever it is, Doctor, Engineer, CA, Law MBA etc.

If you write fashion blogs, you can be famous model & earn more than what regular model earn


If you are sports person or athlete

If are gifted  abled, Modelling for Prosthetic and artificial limbs industry

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