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Do you really know What fabric is in trend in 2019?

Floral net fabric is trending in 2019 for all major dresses from wedding lehenga, gown, saree, party prom dress, skirt, salwar suit, saree, dupatta, shirt etc. If you further observe it’s light color net with dark color floral pattern is viral now.  Check some trending fabric details below.

Cost of Wedding Dress is very high & what you actually get is not in your hand but It will depend on availability on shops / Good Color but bad design / Good design but bad textile quality / Holidays you have to visit shops and stores etc etc. With MIFT just by investing 0 Rs ( no money), you can make illustration of your dream dress, design on CAD & make it as per the quality of textile, color & shades, and manage the input cost by optimizing design. Saving is secondary but – you will get your own dream dress in lesser cost with known actual cost (not price). For once in life time event, it is must.

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If you need any dress of above materiel, just call MIFT at +91 900 8338 459. And the global designers will make it absolutely free for you. And as you know service is free you can optimize dress cost as per your budget, quality and design.

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