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Indian dark skin makeup tiny tips

In lesser than 5 min you can spot-on and correct your makeup blunders with following tiny tips for dark color skin foundation, shimmer, blusher, lips and eyes.


Darker Lips than face skin tone

Just a pinch of dark color in the center of your lips will create a more romantic and soft splash of color to your wedding makeup look. Go with a color that is darker than you would normally try, the colors tend to sheer out and look less intense than in the applicator. Dark shades of lipstick look great on Indian women. Take advantage of your ability to pull off darker shades of lipstick. You can do this by wearing colors like dark red, deep plum, and even shades of navy and black.

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Dense Eyelash Extensions

Here’s a quick fix to short and curly lashes, try lash extensions. Lash extensions are different from wearing strip lashes that only last one day. These lashes that are applied with semi-permanent glue and last 3 to 4 weeks. The lash technician will apply each strand hair one-by-one making these lashes 100% customizable.


Reverse Smokey Eye

Use creamy black eyeliner on your bottom water line. Then apply a matte black eye shadow in Stripped right under. Using a smudge brush, pat the color in a downward motion.


Yellow Foundation

In order to prevent inadvertently using a shade of foundation that is too light for you and looks unnatural against your skin, make sure that you buy a yellow-based foundation with warm undertones that won’t clash with your deep skin tone.

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Gold Shimmer

Indian women are some of the women who are lucky enough to be able to pull off gold highlighter successfully. Gold tones look beautiful against deep, Indian skin. Grab that golden highlighter and shimmer like the precious gem you are.


Copper Brown Blusher

This is an area, where you are likely to make a major makeup blunder. Remember, peach, orange, red and pink blushers are not for your skin tone, since they look artificial on dark skin tones. Brown and copper are the colors that complement very well with Indian dark skin tones. Steer clear of rosy reds, as they look very unnatural & fake.


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