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The next big mix of Facebook + Amazon or Android + eCommerce or Banking + eCommerce?


Not in global but in Indian context, Amazon can face tough time after Flipcart Walmart deal recently. Globally what can be the next big thing? What if social media is mixed with eCommerce such as Facebook + Amazon? What if Android starts own e-commerce? An online banking app Paytm is most successful eCommerce in India so Banking + eCommerce is also in race. Social media only have personal detail but banks have financial details which is more relevant for eCommerce purchase & advertisement targeting.


Besides crude demographics and geographies, the most logical hooks for ads are Facebook users’ expressed preferences — the books, music, and movies they’re increasingly listing on their profiles. And who has the best data on what consumers will buy? Why,, of course. The logic of a combination — a mixing of the two platforms with huge databases of consumer preferences is, at least on the surface, compelling.


This integrated platform will also help you figure out what kinds of gifts your friends might like by letting you better search for your Facebook friends’ Amazon Wish Lists and by pulling in information from your friends’ profiles. Of course, it will remind you of Facebook friends’ birthdays, too. It will show you interests you have in common with your friends, and it will show you which items are popular with all the people in your social graph.

Mixing Netflix and Facebook? Netflix doesn’t sell anything other than access to video, but the real value to video is using it to draw a crowd, then monetize them in other ways. Facebook has a lot more dedicated users than Netflix has subscribers, and could easily convert a bunch of them into paying video customers. Netflix has to fight tooth and nail to garner its new members. A Facebook/Netflix combo could serve as a very potent distraction, keeping shoppers’ minds off of Amazon altogether.


Android probably understands you more than you understand yourself. But the real catch is in the way Android interprets all these personal data and pieces information together in order to make it irresistible for its advertising customers. Android is poised to make the best out of your data. It’s a virtuous cycle where Google understands what data it needs, how to better interpret it, how to better collect it and what else to collect. Android ecommerce might debut in India around Diwali 2018. Google seems to have backed out of investing in Flipkart after seeing Walmart shareholders get jittery post its $16 billion deal to acquire 77 percent of Flipkart.  The report further notes that Google’s Tez payments platform was “launched with the idea of populating the seller database”. Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Industries and Facebook are also reportedly planning to diversify their offerings in India’s $200 bn worth ecommerce market.


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