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Virat Kohli Reviews Sui Dhaaga, The viral meme & of course movie is not inspired by world’s richest man


Sui means Needle & Dhaga means yarn , it’s good movie for fashion designers. Indian cricket team caption wrote, ” Saw @SuiDhaagaFilm for the second time last night and I loved it more than the first time. What an emotional rollercoaster with brilliant performances by the entire cast.” ” Mauji was superb @Varun_dvn. But Mamta’s character stole my heart totally. Her ability to be so quiet yet so powerful and impactful makes you fall in love with her. SO PROUD my love @AnushkaSharma . Don’t miss it guys! #SuiDhaagaMadeInIndia.”

The movie is not inspired by Amancio Ortega “ richest man in world”  is Rail-worker & housemaid’s son, Left school at 14 to work, Shopkeepers refused his mother credit to buy groceries & he become World’s Richest Man from stitching shirt for a small shop to heading world biggest fashion brand Zara.  


Sui Dhaaga falls well short of perfection, but it never comes unstuck. It passes muster as a wholesome entertainer embellished with humour, warmth, authentic emotional trappings and actors adept at going seamlessly along with the flow. Sui Dhaaga is a well-meaning, simply woven, feel-good entertainer that delivers as much as it promises. Despite its minor flaws the movie is an engaging watch. All in all, Sui Dhaaga is a funny, entertaining movie that will tell you in all earnestness that even if not everything is badhiya, there are things that are always worth fighting for, be it a sewing machine or one’s dreams.

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Mauji (Varun) works at a shop selling sewing machines and is often belittled by the owner’s son, who asks him to enact a puppy’s act, as part of his job. When the son asks him to do the same at his wedding, Mamta and her in-laws are embarrassed to see their son behaving like a dog.

The constantly complaining elderly father (Yadav) retiring from a no-account job, the always delivering homilies homely mother, the elder brother with a shrewish wife, will first put up resistance to the younger son and daughter-in-law’s plan to better their collective future, and after several easy conflicts, will become cheerleaders for Team Sui Dhaaga.

It’s tough to imagine that a stitching test—the race to sew a pillow cover to eventually win a sewing machine—could send your pulse racing but it does happen in Sui Dhaaga.

Mamta might have spent most of her life serving her husband and in-laws, but she is the brain in this enterprise. Without actually instructing Mauji directly, she gives him broad hints, nudging him in a direction, and then willingly takes her place on the backseat of the cycle.



Without question, the film’s finest performance comes from Yamini Das, as Dhawan’s mother. She is a mother who runs her house on autopilot, and can’t let go of instructions or kitchen utensils even when she’s collapsed from a heart attack. 

Much before release some meme of the movie actress become huge hit in India, Please share & enjoy.

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