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Do you want to be Media Stylist ?

Don’t get into makeup for the glamour & cash. Get into makeup because it excites you and inspires you. Makeup is an art form and that is going to sustain you when you’re tired, stressed, or hit a creative block. Click here to know about other styling career which are not related to makeup. 


  • Long (and weird) hours
  • Very competitive industry
  • Work environment can be stressful
  • Jobs may involve travel and long periods away from home
  • Remote locations can mean difficult travel and less-than-ideal work setups


Management Skills

  1. Keep digital copies of all photos in your portfolio. This will allow you to share your photos with directors and producers who show interest in your portfolio. A portfolio is a collection of photos that demonstrate your skill level and abilities to your client. You should always keep a physical book with still shots for interviews, but you can also create digital portfolios as slideshows, YouTube videos, and more.
  1. Landing a job in the entertainment industry isn’t always about talent; it’s also about who knows you. There are also various unions, groups, and associations for professional makeup artists and if you do your brand positioning in right method you will get work easily.
  1. Not only does moving afford you more job opportunities, but it also gives you the ability to network with people within the movie industry. Move to cities where TV/Film production houses are more.

Technical Skills

  1. Anytime you have free time, try creating new looks or try newly learned skills to continue building your repertoire.
  2. Learning about what happens on set (TV/Movie Production Process) will give you an air of professionalism and experience.
  3. Makeup & Cosmetology programs require 1500-2000 hours and take anywhere from 12 to 24 months to complete. It can help in learning and making contacts.
  4. Correlate your formal education whether it’s art, commerce, science, engineering or management. It will definitely help you in tough time.

Other Important Skills

  1. To keep from being left behind, don’t forget the inevitable link between make-up and technology — and keep up with what’s new. Learn about computer-generated images and how your work can combine with them for a better, cheaper product.
  2. Learn different languages. It will always help. Globally if one knows English, Chinese, Korean etc one can explore different Film/TV industry worldwide. In case of India Hindi, Tamil, Telagu, Malyalam etc can help to get work in various film/tv industry across country.
  3. Learn about various other related sectors such as Ad Film Making, Magazines, News Papers, E commerce websites, Fashion Event etc where makeup artist is required.
  4. Learn how to write viral blog and run a video blog on you tube.
  5. Learn data analysis methods to increase readers & viewers to earn money by ad on your blog & vlog.
  6. Learn different marketing method to promote yourself to directors, producers as well as incrase fan following on social media.
  7. Learn rapport building skills, influencing skills and professional communication.
  8. Study how you can bridge the gap. Learn about makeup costing, procurement method and negotiation.



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