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5 Most Fashionable Cities in The US, You Should Visit


  1. Texas

Almost all fashion travellers have an eye on the everlasting fashion shopping opportunities in Texas. Austin is major fashion city in Texas with bizarre yet cool and traditional yet futuristic fashion. Austin, Texas wears more than one hat; it is the city that has embraced weirdness, music, food, casualty and elegance and combined them all together. There was an countless of fashion events every year.



  1. Rhode Island

Providence’s never dumped its fashion designers uniqueness with ample of designer boutiques to keep fashion enthusiast astonished always, and of course Rhode Island School of Design is major source of futuristic approach. Fashion in Providence, Rhode Island is an assortment of traditional, futuristic and technologically advance fashion. It appears that Providence designers have the programme of maintaining style craze in US.


  1. Florida

Miami has most modern fashion designers. Miami fashion is inspired by tempting beaches and wild styles summer fashion. Miami has a major fashion related magazines, MIAFW Mag is one of them. Miami is not known for vintage or classical fashion but contemporary & fresh.



  1. Washington

Seattle is major fashion designers’ hub who has influenced its citizens and made it a most vibrant fashion district. Seattle Fashion Week presents the proper mixture of the city’s fashion. Seattle is occupied of fashion designers stores in shopping districts.


  1. New York

Globally most reputed fashion designers live here namely Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Carolina Herrera, Bill Blass, etc. Best fashion design schools, FIT, Parsons, and Pratt Institute are situated in New York. Also it has world-fashion stores influenced by traditional fashion from capitals around the world. The Big Apple was one of the first cities in the world which gave a different approach to fashion and left behind Paris, the historical fashion capital of the world. In fact New York’s ranking started rising only in the 20th century when it got admired for making sportswear as fashion which was opposite of France & Italian traditional & historic fashion approach.


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