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Ms Marvel Priyanka Chopra, Royal Wedding of Meghan Markle, Comparison between Hollywood and Bollywood and Next IIFA 2018


She’ll be seen in Hollywood films include A Kid Like Jake and Isn’t It Romantic and probably in next avenger series. Marvel’s series, ‘Avengers: Infiniti War’ is currently breaking a lot of records at the box office. Priyanka can be in next avenger series. The makers are currently setting up a new collection of movies surrounding fresh Marvel characters, including Ms Marvel Priyanka Chopra (probably). Nevertheless globally people want Priyanka Chopra to be the Ms Marvel character as Priyanka already has a history with the character. She voiced Ms Marvel’s character in a Marvel mobile video game. Though its too early to say anything at this stage. 



The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will take place on May 19. Priyanka Chopra, who is a close friend of Meghan, will be attending the wedding but is not on the list of bridesmaids. Meghan and Priyanka met at an ELLE Women in TV dinner in January 2016 and instantaneously ‘bonded as actors’. Meghan was soon boasting to reporters about their friendship, telling PTI: ‘I would love to work with [Priyanka] on a film one day!

Actors of movie A Kid Like Jake
Priyanka Chopra & Adam Devine filming scenes for the new movie Isn't It Romantic? in Central Park
A still from movie Isn’t It Romantic

“There are many stories that reflect the realities of the world we live in and I believe it’s very important to showcase them and bring that message to more people in a way that they can connect with. Paani is one such story and we’re looking forward to working with Adinath,” Priyanka told Bollywood Hungama. She twitted “This is what I had envisioned when starting Purple Pebble Pictures – a platform for good stories and new talent. Paani is special because it’s based on a true story and deals with a very topical issue. Welcome aboard Adinath Kothare and team. Let’s create something special together.”


“I don’t think we need to learn anything from each other. I think we need to conform according to what’s required for the people who’re working in the industry within that country. If you’re talking about pay parity and [sexual] harassment… [then] for example, [the lack of] pay parity happens in both countries, but the difference is that I see in Bollywood it’s said more blatantly, but [in Hollywood] it’ll be said in a more roundabout way, because nobody wants the liability or the responsibility that they’re saying this,” says Priyanka.

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“We need to focus on ourselves and not somebody else. We need to look inside our own house and decide what we want to clean up. [We should] give opportunities to women, be it in entertainment or in education, or in any field they want to be. How do we give them opportunities and make them thrive? The Commonwealth Games are such amazing examples. Most of the medals are won by women. You give women opportunities and they’ll thrive. Whether it’s Hollywood or our Hindi film industry, I think we need to focus on ourselves, instead of comparing ourselves with someone else,” she says.

In recent interview Wmagazine asked, What’s the best and worst comment you’ve read on your social media accounts? As you’ll see me say in the new Pantene #GoGentle campaign, the best was when I read “My daughter says her two heroes are Michelle Obama and Priyanka Chopra.” Sai Priyanka.


Recently Priyanka shared a picture of herself soaking up the LA sun in a smoking hot red monokini that is making many hearts skip a heartbeat.  The IIFA awards is one of the main awards shows in the Bollywood. There is a murmur that the show will be held in Bangkok on a luxurious extent as accustomed and the event will see a bevy of Hollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra.

priyanka-chopra-iifa-awards-2016_146691597200maxresdefault (7)

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