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The most fashionable countries in world 


Considering sustainability fast fashion is curse to Earth and textile industry counts for 10% of total CO2 emission. Being fashionable doesn’t mean rich people wearing new clothing every week, weird change in pattern cutting, frequency of international fashion weeks, cocktail party with models, dance -light – music party, currency exchange rate, military power, business influence etc. Countries are divided with different names sections such as prefecture, state, district, county, borough, and constituency.  These many smaller divisions where pole-apart altercation exists in fibre, fabric, pattern, fashion, fashion icon, fashion brand and fashion brand ambassador, are real fashionable countries. These countries are listed below but are not in rank as fashion diversity cannot ranked be without considering fibre raw material, novelty, non obviousness and difference in fashion evolution process.

  • USA
  • Papua New Guinea
  • India
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong


US has largest immigrant population than any other country, with 47 million immigrants as of 2015. This represents 19.1% of the 244 million international migrants worldwide. So 14.4% of the U.S. population is from outside. This is the primary reason it is in top fashionable country. Mexico, China, Cuba, India, Dominican Republic fashion and style is major source of fusion.  Many global biggest fashion brands are operates, originated and headquartered in US. Almost every month global fashion weeks takes place here. Additionally Hollywood Movies helps in marketing USA as top global fashion icon.    

Michelle-Obama-and-Melania-Trump-868508SS15 DAVID TLALE 9/7/2014

Papua New Guiana

More than 1000 cultural groups have different expressive forms of fashion, face painting, style, accessories and fashion interpretation as each group their cultural identity there are 20 provinces in Papua New Guinea and each province has its own traditional dress. In some places it is in fashion to smear the body with mud, clay or ashes. Head dresses pattern uses birds furthers for their grass skirts they are made from bark of trees.

Going to hunting or adventure involved wearing special clothing and items such as feathers and leaves.  Face painting is very popular fashion in Papua New Guinea, and a social rather than private activity. Villagers are also often seen wearing western clothes, which actually in rural villages tend to look dirty and give the impression of poverty.


India has 29 states and 7 union territories. These states are further divided in districts. These divisions have different dress raw material, fibre, textile manufacturing process narration and technique. Each region has its own distinctiveness. West State Gujarat and east state Manipur/Arunachal is pole apart, actually comparison is futile as there is not a single similarity even in shoes. Similarly comparing Jammu & Kashmir dress with Tamilnadu is worthless, as both are pole apart. This kind of variation is impossible in real population daily dressing by global rich and famous fashion companies, brands, designers and advertisements. Sustainable handloom also boosts its positioning in top fashionable country. Handloom products of Khadi, Jute, Cotton, Silk and other natural fibres help in sustainability.


Out of these 29 States and 7 UT, Odisha is one state. Further Odisha’s small reason has different fashion.

Traditional clothing of ArunachalmanipuriJammu-kashmir


 A fusion of native tribe fashion with immigrant from countries such as Portugal, Japan, Italy, Spain, China and Germany, make Brazil a global fashion hub. South Brazil wears gaucho-type clothing: baggy pants, or bombachas; cowboy hats and cowboy boots. People near Amazon region wear tunics and face paint and also love beads, body paint and unique hairstyles. North-eastern Bahia region wear African pattern, don long skirts, head scarves and shawls.




Tibet, Taiwan and Hong Kong, Can you really find any similarity in fashion? Shanghai is top fashionable city in world leaving behind major cities like Milan, Madrid and Sao Paulo. Chinese fashion differs a lot because in past different empires and time periods have promoted specific designs. China is world most populous country accordingly costumes & dresses are also dissimilar. Miao People has completely different dress than other part. We have traditional Zhongshan suit, Cheongsam and many other suits created by ethnic groups scattered on this vast ancient civilization land. Each type of clothe has their unique way of making and sewing methods and lucky pattern exquisites.

TibetClothing-1123a7953286b54be977982506ccc008ddtibetanYUNNAN, CHINA - MARCH 20 : Unidentified Chinese Tibetan girls dr


Singapore fashion has fusion of Indian, British, Malay, Indonesian, Cambodian & Thai culture that results in a different and miscellaneous dress styles and patterns. Being business capital of world, new fashion stores, luxury fashion and international brands set up office here. This boosts its profile as world fashion capital. Additionally global fashion events really put Singapore in top fashionable counties in world. 


Hong Kong

Actually much before made in china, the most famous tag was made in Hong Kong. East-meets-West look made Hong Kong world fashion capital. From 1930s progression and definable change in trends that reflect shifts in economic prosperity, the influences of numerous unfamiliar cultures. Before China became the manufacturing big brother of world that it is today, most of the planet looked to Hong Kong for accomplished tailors and designers that could expand their brands and labels. For much of the Western Fashion world Hong Kong was an entrance into whole Asia. As cultural mixing began, so did the development of our city’s unique culture and its East-meets-West fashion sensibilities.

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