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How can a couple manage prolific life in London in 1400 pounds per month?

View Near Liverpool Street Station
Top View, London
Padington Station

Yes it is for couple, and it‘s our incident and not copied prophetic tips for you in this article. In one line, stay in students shared home; daily take lots of seasonal fruits, milk & of course make lunch & dinner at home and travel by bus and metro. As sun is not there in winters, so vitamin D deficiency may occur to tropical country person. NHS health insurance is mandatory, visit government hospitals if required, It is free. Secondly, if visiting outside London, stay in student dormitories, YMCA and students’ hostels. Certainly rent is lesser, additionally shared kitchen is provided with all facilities and guests can make food.

Brunel University London, Uxbridge
Campus of Brunel University, Uxbridge

I have studied in Brunel University, Uxbridge, London in year 2015/16 when Brexit debate was trending and in 2018 pound foreign exchange value is dropped by 10 to 20% so this article can be pertinent in 2019-20 too. My wife got admission in many universities in UK but decided to join Coventry University London Campus very near to London Bridge.  It was agreed that September to March, we will stay near my collage and for 2nd semester April to September we will stay near her collage. I landed on 24th Sept and finished collage formalities and started searching economical 1 room set for us. My wife was coming on 3rd Oct, which was deadline for me. I was staying in Hotel King Paget, West Drayton.

Coventry University London Campus, Middlesex Street
View near Coventry University London Campus


Wonderful Stockley Park Golf Club was near to hotel and one evening I was sitting there searching flats nearby. Online I request and got call from an owner, the flat was very near to Stockley Park on Judge Heath Lane. The flat was good in 650 pounds per month and 650 pounds advance rent. The new house was in between two big parks Stockley Park Golf Club and Lake Farm Country Park. On 3rd my wife landed in Heathrow Airport, I was waiting for her outside. Actually I paid 40 pounds from airport to hotel but this time I had Oysters Card for both of us. Our new home was hardly 30 min from Airport. She liked the house but not the caretaker as actual owner was mother, she was very polite African women but her daughter was caretaker. She with her son was staying as caretaker. Additionally 1 room for given to Airbnb, and 1 day we met an Airbnb guest who was assistant director in Game Of Thrones. There were so many city foxes lives in these parks, initially we fear to go in parks in night as they were very like dense jungle. Slowly we started visiting there in night too.

Stockley Park Golf Club


Lake Farm Country Park

Now to the main point, there are 3 major expenses first rent, second travelling and 3rd tourism. I have not included food, because we both like cooking and prepare food daily three times. Pricing of milk, vegetables, eggs, banana, apple, rice etc are very reasonable and economical. Now rent was fixed 650. However she had to take U4 Bus for Hays & Harlington Station and then board to Ealing Broadway Train and then change train for Liverpool Street. Especially in winter of Dec and Jan It was psychically challenging for her. It cost 1.5 + 3.5 on one side in peak time so daily 10 pounds. Consequently for 1 month it was 200 pounds. For me it was 3 pounds daily, so total 50 pounds. Now we are left with 1400 – 650 – 200 – 50 = 600 pounds. This is enough for touring in UK but as students only, visiting local places in London and if you save for 6 months you can go for Europe trip too. Actually in first 6 month we visited Birmingham, Southampton, Bristol, Bath, Weymouth, Plymouth and many cities nearby London. Also we visited almost all tourist places in London and at some places like London Bridge, London Eye, Windsor Castle, and Royal Parks several times.

ASDA, Hayes ( Good Place to find for Indian Items)
TESCO (  Weather Hayes or Ealing or another place in UK, TESCO is very economical)
Transport for London
Ealing Broadway Market nearby West Drayton

As after 6 month, we shifted from Hays and Harlington to our new house on Noel Road West Acton. The area was like a mini Japan in London. Japanese kids, architecture, schools, restaurant and Japanese women were very common. It was very beautiful house with very big and beautiful garden in backyard. Imperial Collage and Ealing Broadway Tesco was at walkable distance.  Yes the rent was 800 pounds. The best part was I and mu wife had major project so only 3 days a week class and my wife get direct train from West Drayton to Liverpool. So the added 150 rent cost was cancelled by reduction in travelling expenses.

Imperial Collage Building near West Acton


West Acton has some Japanese Influence
New Year Fire Works 1st Jan 2016


Winter Wonderland, Hot Molded Wine Shop
Ice Skating Winter Wonderland

Christmas Theme Park, New Year Eve Fire Work on London Bridge, Swaminarayan Temple, Diwali Festival Market were the memorable events in 1st semester. Now after February, we decided to visit Scotland and Ireland. However we both wanted to visit Europe. Well, we saved money for 5 months and planned a circular Europe bus trip via Netherlands, Germany, Check Republic, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France and then back to London. So we can’t recommend you what to do and how to do. But we have experienced It is possible for a couple to live a balanced life in London in 1400 pounds.


Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park London
Swaminarayana Temple, London


Windsor Castle

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