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Current Jobs in Fashion Industry

Jobs in Fashion


If you have required amalgamation art (BA), science (BSc) and commerce (BCom) skills, you can apply for highly paying following jobs in fashion industry.

  1. Neuromarketing
  2. Brand Intention Engineer
  3. Fashion Blogger ( Affiliate Marketing)
  4. Sales Psychologist
  5. Consumer Data Analysis & Forecasting


  1. Nuromarketing

Fashion Neuromarketing managers manipulate consumers’ brain to promote their clients’ clothing lines and accessories in television commercials, in-store promotions, billboards, newspapers, magazines and catalogue. They develop brainwashing campaigns for their fashion clients and may create ads for display in locations like shopping malls and on buses. Neuromarketing in media ranging from movies to blogs is another way fashion advertisers can get their products noticed. Medical Neuroscience and cognitive science use in developing ad and marketing campaigns can be a great asset to those in this field.


2. Brand Intention Engineer  

If you can improve existing products and develop and create new products by predicting consumer desires and coordinate with product development and market research departments, then you can apply for a brand intention engineer job. Basically you have to examine what drives people to buy or reject a product. Combine quantitative data with market knowledge to better promote a product. You must be able to make problem statement, questionnaire, perform surveys, decide focus groups and explain solution or future product to help attain success for a product.


3. Fashion Blogging and Vlogging

The lines of buyer and seller are blurring, in reality every buyer is selling something and vice versa. Online business want buyers who can create review content which entices customers to shop and come back for more. Product review need to be realistic, skilfully written to encourage buying, email newsletters and blogs require good feedback features, while video blogging needs sharp script and planning. Prove your editorial skills by writing – and keeping up – video blog. Ensure it has a focus, and demonstrates that you can consistently promote specific product.


4. Sales Psychologist

You must complete extensive psychological studies theoretically, however classroom courses are simply not in-depth enough. You must study and analyze people and explore behavioral like neuroscience, anthropology and sociology. It is very time consuming as everyone is different. 


5. Buyer Data Analysis & Forecasting

Sophisticated machine learning has turn out to be a more fundamental part of the fashion business, as brands are progressively more focused on forecasting and controlling what consumer was searching for in recent past.  Foresting Managers by using correct data analysis and forecasting techniques could increase operating margin by more than 50 percent. Students should know simple statistical analysis but it is must to know AI and deep learning to predict and personalize recommendations at an individual buyer level ( Hyper Personal Marketing). 


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MIFT ( Mysore Institute of Fashion Technology) students, trainee and scholars study and research about fashion, makeup, forecasting, e commerce, disruptive technologies in fashion & cosmetics industry. The primary research objective is to create open industry modular ecosystem platform for fashion designers and makeup artists to work and earn in hyper personal and local market using IR 4 and 5 ( industrial revolution) technologies to disrupt connected digitalization of mass production.
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