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Tips for wedding reception or office party face and eye preparation   

For skin preparation orange facial mist can give a spotless look. Start by peeling the skin of one orange and placing it into a bowl. Then submerge the orange peels with approximately 50 ml of boiling water and leave the mixture to soak overnight in the fridge. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle the following morning, and use this liquid for cleaning face.


Prepare skin with a primer of your choice, and then with your preferred foundation build as much coverage as you choose in thin, even layers. If you have textured skin and using a foundation which sets quickly then try pushing the foundation into the skin with a beauty blender and a flat edged brush.


Basic foundation can be applied starting in the centre of the face work outwards using a brush and your fingers.  There is no one needs foundation at the edges of the face and do not try to mask the skin, only enhance it.

Faundation Tips

Check in mirror to see if you really need the Concealer now.  For eyes, eye-shadow primer can be used on the lids and then a soft cream eye shadow is applied all over the lid from lash line to brow bone creating a clean base to introduce colour. The next step is to generate a contour on the lid and give a lift to models eyes. You can use a soft gray eye shadow slightly higher up on the lid above the bride’s natural crease giving the illusion of a more open lower lid space by keeping that light and open with the pale gold shadow which pops more once the contour colour is applied.


Additionally a gel liner can be used very thinly on the lash line to intensify the eyes only and to keep the lid simple yet give a polished make up look. A coat of mascara followed by a fluttery set of lashes completed the eyes the pale gold shadow behind the lashes will keep the eyes open and stop this look from looking heavy.


Messy smoky eye with a creamy texture that points out and degrade lids and very dense and long curvy lashes are the in fashion in 2019. For eyebrows, put on a bit of blush and Concealer, and go. Use black eye pencil, which can be applied at the roots of lashes to make them appear darker.   


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