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5 amazing bridal face painting tradition around the world


The totally surreal face paint and embellishments worn by brides in a remote area of Kosovo is a 1,000-year-old tradition. Three golden circles symbolizing the cycles of life are tied to one another by the golden roads that one crosses over their lifetime. The inner red circles are symbols of fertility, where red and blue dots are born from, and the whole face is covered by them, wishing her a healthy and happy family. The colors and shapes drawn on the face are symbolic, said to ensure the bride lives a fertile, healthy and happy life with her new hubby.



Robova is dressed in traditional garments and elaborate face paint called “gelina.” In Ribnovo, Bulgaria, the highlight of the wedding ceremony comes at the end of the second day, when brides are bedecked with beads, white paint, flowered headbands and a veil of tinsel. They’re supposed to keep their eyes shut until the priest blesses them. The face-painting process, a symbol of the bride’s purity, can take up to two hours. It is considered a specialized art.



Maasai tribe are spread throughout Kenya and Tanzania. Brides of the Maasai tribe paint their faces and bodies with red ochre pigment. They also rub a bit of butchered animal fat on their shaved heads.

P1 SOURCE N1 (masai woman)


A special tribal community lives in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco and they have a henna party before their wedding. Woman carefully applies the bride’s makeup, which she doesn’t get to show off.



Indian brides have their foreheads and cheeks painted with different ciolors and patterns. The starting point is the centre of forehead large bindi on the forehead and the use of kalki shapes is common along with leaves. The pattern is symmetric and made as per face contour and skin colour. Traditionally the white is chandan and the red is vermillion mixed with water but these days many creams are available in market. These are very easy designs and can be effortlessly made using a thin brush or a tooth pick or a matchstick.




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