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How can you make Zombie Look at Home

Be it small screen or big screen, prosthetic makeup is a basic essential skill now. Bollywood movies such as Koi Mil Gaya’s Jadoo, Dashavtar’s Kamal Hasan looks and all horror movies have special effect makeup. Similarly Hollywood movies such as Avengers, Avatar, Harry Potter, Conjuring and many more have world class makeup artists’ major role in accomplishment.  At home we do generally Halloween and Zombie makeup. Halloween makeup can be demanding however you will have a lot of fun. With a little Spirit Gum, a prosthetic cut and lots and lots of artificial blood, you can try it at Home.


  • Latex
  • Halloween makeup
  • Fake blood
  • Oatmeal
  • Tissue
  • Cosmetic sponge
  • Brushes (the ones that come with your makeup kit)
  • Popsicle sticks
  • A stick or toothpicks to tear the latex


Silicone rubber is durable, waterproof and can be used over a broad temperature range. It can be used to form intricate, life-like details. A prosthetic or mask is typically created from a liquid silicone rubber base and a curing agent or catalyst. Moulded pieces can be as thick as only a few layers of skin, and are directly applied to the face with an adhesive like spirit gum.



It can be recycled, provided it isn’t heated beyond a certain threshold. It can be remelted and recast numerous times, enabling artists to take their time to get the ideal gaze. Gelatin has high elasticity and a flesh-like consistency, making it ideal for prosthetic makeup.


Foam Latex

It is malleable, lightweight and is a brilliant stuff for facial prosthetics consequently It is used widely in TV and theatre productions.



It is frequently used in tiles and ceilings and in making statue due to its bendiness, toughness and its capacity to hold a polished glimmer. Comprised of primarily gypsum, this reinforce is a kind of plaster that contains calcium sulfate dehydrates.


Classic look is perhaps easiest for most artists since it can be twisted using the items generally makeup users have. Most face-painters have an eye shadow palette that have various shades of violet, indigo and lime inside, a vessel of black eyeliner, foundation, a highlighting Concealer, contour powder, a various colour lipstick or lip-gloss and a washable, non-toxic glue stick.  A colour correcting cream palette would be obliging.

maxresdefault (10).jpg

The mixture of prosthetic body parts, ears, eyes, wounds, jaws, teeth, brow bones, and many other readymade patches, you can purchase online easily. These items are usually made by latex, gelatine or skin-safe silicone. 

Gelatine can be used in same way as latex and in normal warm condition applied on the skin. This will give a flowing or dripping look, consequently the face will look like a melting zombie. Alike to latex, it’s superlative to employ alcohol-activated form and grease base paints. Forged injuries are easy and trendy fashion to include in costumes. All you need to pull of terrible and grisly gaze is some liquid latex, tissue, eye shadow and artificial blood gel.



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