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10 Most Shocking Makeup Process around the world

Face Shaper

Have you ever desired slim face, exercise with these rubber lips for a day and make specified movements with your mouth. This might make your face slim as maker exclaim.


Plastic Surgery

Hundreds of women in the Iran undertake aesthetic nose shape change operation that makes Iran number one in nose surgery. One in every six South Korean has gone through a superficial surgery. For South Koreans, having unblemished ashen skin, skinny bodies, petite faces, sharp noses and outsized eyes are considered as attractive consequently Korean waste lots of money on nose shaping operation merely.

NOSE, IRANIAN STYLE (2005), directed by Mehrdad Oskouei.

Moko Face Tattoo

Moko face tattoo has always been a part of Maori culture, and when it comes to the ladies of this region, they choose this atheistic because of its flattering benefits. It defines and plumps one’s lips as well as bringing attention to the eyes.

MOKO Face Tattoo 


Snail Facial

Snail Facial

This process is frightening for most of the girls. There are numerous snail spas in Thailand with snail facial service that might allegedly clear up your skin in 1 day. And lots of tourists go in these spas for snail facial. Will you go?


Neck Shape Change

Kayan Tribe women in northern Thailand place a brass spiral garland about their necks, adding up further twirls over the years, to stretch neck perfectly by the instance they turn out to be fully developed. A stretched neck is respected as graceful and stylish in this expanse.


Blacking Teeth

Ohaguro was a convention of dyeing one’s teeth black. It was largely admired in Japan and is supposed to have underway approximately 200 AD. The central component in the polish was a dark-brown solution prepared by dissolving iron filings in vinegar. Colouring the teeth with this fluid truly helped avoid tooth rot. In 1870, the Japanese regime barred the custom of ohaguro, and the course slowly befalls archaic.


Lotus feet

Representation a woman’s societal rank and attractiveness, lotus feet, was a fashion in China for several years in the past. This method is started before the kids’ foot has been entirely developed.

Smile Tattoo:

Ladies of the Ainu tribe in Japan would get their face tatooed in a means that it looked like a joker’s smirk. Several of the females would get married as early as age 7 and it was supposed that the tattoo would facilitate them get married.


Mursi Lip shape Change

The Mursi women of Ethiopia place small disc in their lower lips to widen them out, raising the plate dimension steadily to craft their pouts extremely large. This tradition is a pictogram of attractiveness and sexual adulthood.



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