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PM Modi might appoint Amir Khan as India’s ambassador to China

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PM Narendra Modi is known for perfect delegation and assignment of responsibility to perfect person. As Chinese like Amir Khan and his movies very much such as PK, Dangal, Secret Superstar and many more, this can be a good movie to teach Chinese people about India’s friendly nature, ethics and non violence approach. Earlier when yearly contract of Indian Tourism Department with Amir Khan completed, the contract was not further extended; this leads to rumour in country that BJP does not have good relationship with Amir. However in many central government programs Amir was seen.   

3 Idiot : $ 2.2 million

Dhoom 3 : $ 3 million

Pk : $ 16.75 million

Dangal : $ 200 million

Secret Superstar :  $ 100 million

Aamir Khan — the 53-year-old Indian film actor — has become the most renowned and admired Indian in today’s China; and above figures of his movies business in China confirm this. It was not so by 2015, but after 2015 probably except Chinese celebrities, It is Amir who is more popular actor compared to actors from Hollywood. 

Today’s informal summit between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping, China today hailed reports that India plans to assign Bollywood star Amir Khan as brand ambassador to improve trade between the two countries.

Last year, more than a million individuals travelled, more than 20,000 Indian students study in China, and there are 42 flights a week between China and India, Hua said. People-to-people exchanges will promote faith, mutual tolerance and mutual trust between China and India, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Thursday.

Today, is the concluding day of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping unceremonious talks being held in China. The meeting is stated to be exceptional as the two leaders have no stress and debt to beat any financial or political concurrence nor make related statement however focus primarily on open talks on solutions to a number of of the vexed problems like the border problem and other issues.

“I saw relevant reports. We all know that Amir Khan is a famous Indian actor. Many Chinese people, including myself, have watched his starring movie ‘Wrestling!’,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying told a media briefing in Beijing today.

MIFT hope that this government and would-be brand ambassador will be able to make people to people trust dependable and consistent.   




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