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5 most weird fashions in world

Bullet/Torpedo Bras

Do you remember Madonna in bullet bras, the bullet bra become very common fashion just after its first appearance well before the ‘material girl’ in the 1940s. However prior to Madge put on it above her clothing, ladies usually wore it under skin stretched sticky t-shirts and sweaters to highlight their breasts’ shape and outline the famous “Sweater Girl” appearance. These sorts of bras were prepared of nylon and were regularly ironed to hold their bullet shape. Nevertheless, the fashion demurred in the 70s because padded bra availability in market was revalorized by cheap manufacturing.


Most common fashion of 16th and 17th centuries, this shoes add-on was a support to facilitate women walk through muddy streets. Nonetheless, the realism of the chopines rapidly turned to style, as being tall meant that user was a healthy and wealthy. Ooccasionally, a lady’s chopines were unnecessary high as a result she needed a helper to keep up pose.


A trend for male in Fashion, “meggings” is male equivalent to female leggings which is in trend into the lanes of Tokyo, Paris, London and New York. originally the beginning of leggings in female fashion world was a sizzling button topic, and at the present this trend is getting for the males too. Printed meggings are extremely admired amongst the dancers, designers and many more such cool professionals.


Duvet ponchos

The exclusive garment design was primary offered at London Fashion Week, where models walked the ramp in extra-large outfit that came in manifold designs and cuts. It was very thick just like duvet. One is a light hue of lilac and comes with flowers emblazoned all over it. Another uses neutral hues and a plaid pattern and there’s even a cropped version available in green, which uses the same pattern as the lilac version. Wearing this daily and doing routine work is not feasible. Up the torsos of the duvet ponchos, buttons are included so that the garment can be fastened more snugly to the wearer’s body. May be this can help in extreme winter. 

Eye Tattoo

In the white section that is cornea of the eye, is tattooed. It is medically prearranged operation for the individual who has scratch marked eye tissues. There are diverse modes of tattooing of eye, furthermore different options for the accomplishment and therapeutic wellbeing of the process exists. Tattooing of eye is traditional from roughly hundreds of years and is currently once more in drift in Canada primarily. In this course the dye color in injected in the white segment that is Cornea of the eye by means of medical syringes and injections and various fancy designs are drawn inside.



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