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5 Most amazing Eye Makeup around the world:



Japan is known for its minimalist but inventive approach .Whether its makeup or clothing, let’s collect some unique information from this small yet hi-tech country.

 Japanese eye shadow completely around the eye line (top and bottom) produces the ‘enclosure’ effect. Like the ‘halo eyes’ gaze, without the shimmer finish. Japanese eye drops, which instantly whiten eyeballs, so that your eyes and eye makeup look brighter. Idol looks underline innocence, thus using more eye liner, mascara and less colored eye shadow. Gyaru makeup look concentrates on eye makeup, using a lot of mascara and eyeliner. Seiso looks are looks that are toned down, suitable for schools or office. Gothic does share some heavy eye make up with Lolita, but tones down on the cheeks, uses heavy black eye liner and uses grey or blue eye shadow.


Zoroastrian, Persian and Kurdish

In great ancient local culture, Persian and Kurdish women never buried or veiled face by any cloth. They apply stunning eye makeup so that the onlooker’s full attention is directed to the hypnotizing eyes. This makes them look more tempting and alluring. Eye liner, primer, kajal, kohl and eye shadow, all these eye products should be applied properly to make their eyes look more enticing.

Dark kajal or dark kohl adds a thicker line on the upper and lower eyelash line. To create maximum intensity one can use a liquid liner. Winged liner creates a bold erotic look. You need to take the liner to a point at the outer eye this will create a winged look. Do not forget to apply mascara to your lashes. Also do fill your eyebrows with the eyebrow pencil. This way it will create ancient local look.




Latinaa / South America

Latina’s looks like Wonder Woman’s. This proud Puertorriqueña’s unconventional looks can take anywhere from 1-4 hours!

Latina look uses more of Concealer and a brush to mask under eye circles. The dark circles are more likely to appear as black circles under the eyes of people with olive skin tones.

Ebony eyes are more common than lighter color eyes for the majority of Latina women. Choose green shadow to bring out the color in your eyes. Mascara with a hint of green may also lighten up dark eyes, or make hazel eyes the focus.

Latina women with light grey eyes or vibrant blue eyes should also be sure to play up their eye color. Choose various eye shadow color combinations for blue eyes and green eyes, using the color to add intensity to your own eyes.



Bordering with so many countries, Russian makeup has confluence with Japanese at east, European at west and Middle Eastern at south. Russians are naturally good-looking however they are makeup-loving people. They never step out without a proper touch up. No wonder, you would always find them picture perfect at any time of the day. These Russians are blessed with big and expressive eyes, which are their centre of attraction. To make their eyes look beautiful, they apply generous coats of mascara, eye shadow and eye liner. Russian eyes makeup is like the deep blue cold ocean and dark and dangerous forest.


African Continent  

Africa has an estimated total of 3000 tribes, all of which vary incredibly in terms of language, culture and traditions.There are many  beauty brands intended by and for African  women. These makeup companies offer a wide range of products that are premeditated to fit all skin tones, from the lightest to the deepest. It is easy for foundation to look chalky and cakey on extremely dark skin. In order to prevent unconsciously using a shade of foundation that is too light for you and looks aberrant against your skin, make sure that you buy a yellow-based foundation with warm undertones that won’t clash with your profound skin tone. Due to the deep tone of  skin, some shades of eye shadow don’t show up nearly as vividly as you hope. This can be a exasperating problem that might dissuade you from applying intricate or dramatic eye makeup looks.



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