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Top 5 Shoes Trends in 2019

Gladiator Pointy Heels:

Gladiators are the perfect pair for the beginning of your week. You’re fresh from the weekend and need to start with a strong statement that kicks the work week off on a high note. Pair these with pinstripe trousers and a crisp white shirt or a smart two-piece to create an elegant office look.


This is your super casual and comfortable option. We would create a list for this style of footwear but it would be far too long! You can wear almost anything with white ladies trainers, even with colours that we wouldn’t recommend with other styles, for example, if you want to wear white shoes with black trousers for a casual look then we recommend sticking to trainers because this can complement the style of the shoe

Transparent Shoes:

This trend was super popular on the runways; almost all designers featured transparent at their shows! Chanel went head-on with this look by having models rock clear over the knee boots. People love a little see-through detail on the strap or even the heel itself.


Perfect for the professional workplace. This year the pump has been seen in many fabrics and colors, all the more reason for me to get excited! pumps have closed counters and a cutout top line that exposes the entire top of the foot starting at the toe box. A classic pump has a seamless vamp and is made without laces, buckles, straps or ties


The platform has all the benefits of a heel thanks to the elevation they offer without the discomfort of a slanted sole. While the platform has been popular for a minute, it’s still taking fashion to new heights (pun intended!). Look for something with a lot of embellishments or an added flair in the form of color, studs, laces or even cutouts. You can rock this shoe all season long and your feet will thank you for it. They’re a great transitional shoe if you live in a colder area and have to layer up even during the spring but they can easily be worn during the warmer months as well.

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