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5W & 1 H: Makeup Foundation


What, Why, Where, When, Who and How 

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Countless foundations that declare to offer a dewy finish come with small shimmer particles to convey that shine to your skin. Nevertheless, if you are searching for a natural dewy finish, these foundations with shimmers can certainly not make the correct selection because they are suitable principally for parties and occasions. Thus, before you choose a foundation that claims to suggest a dewy finish, check out if it includes shimmers. Now how to select?

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  • Foundations with a crimson, rose or blue base are ideal for those with cool undertones. Since for the shades of foundation for cool skin tones go for porcelain, sable, cocoa and rose colors, testing to see which one looks looking realistic on your skin.
  • Gold or yellow-based foundations are suggested for warm skin undertones. Beige, caramel, chestnut, golden and tan shades will give you genuine matching glow.
  • Ivory, nude, praline and buff foundation shades are meant for neutral skin tones.


Now some uncommon type:


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Waterproof Foundation

Waterproof foundation is prepared to hold on for a long duration, which makes it ideal for humid areas and hot days. It is not easy to remove it with only water; you will need makeup remover to remove it. These foundations can block pores and you may be more vulnerable to blackheads, subsequently it is recommended not to use this foundation daily.

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Spray Foundation

When cosmetics tend to lose colour applied for long hours, spray foundations come to the save and rescue your look. Once it is sprayed over the face, it refreshes the makeup. Accessible in a number of various shades, it is very simple to apply.


Foundation Primer

Creating a barrier between your foundation and your skin may appear like an unnecessary step, however primers work so well. You can get a comparable result with a coat of moisturizer before applying foundation. Foundation primer fills in the little cracks and pores in your skin allowing foundation to go on effortlessly and faultlessly.

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Cream to Powder Makeup Foundation

Most cream-to-powder foundations give a semi-matte to a matte finish and feel light on the skin. Cream to powder foundations changes from cream form to a powder finish when applied on the skin. This aid for a more matte finish and many types of foundation contains silicone however the primary difference is that it is able to melt into a powdery texture.

Cushion Type Makeup Foundation

It includes a sponge soaked in the artefact that transfers to a sponge puff when pressed. It’s initially a dewy finished product and one of its major advantages is the packaging because it’s easy to carry around. The cushion of the compact is pretty saturated, so just one firm pump will get your sponge substantially covered.


Drawbacks and Consequence of foundation:

Pressed-Powder or Loose-Powder

Powder’s pigmentation can modify when it is applied on skin’s overkill oil and oxidizes. If you have extremely oily skin, powder foundations can look clumpy or slip into pores. If you have dry or flaky skin, the powder will soak up moisture, and make skin dry. 


Matte-Finish Liquid

Foundations with a matte finish can overstate crumbling skin or wrinkles if the finish is too dry. You can cure this by applying a light layer of moisturizer or a serum base, though that can reduce the matte feature of the finish. Attempting to resolve mistakes after foundation sets can cause rolling or streaking, which is hard to correct.



Moisturizing Liquid

Not the finest option for oily skin since the moisturizing finish makes oily areas look oily.


Anti-Aging & Serum

Some “anti-aging” serum foundations overstate their superstar ingredients’ benefits or comprise only minute amounts; consequently you’re not getting what you wanted.

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