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2020 Trending Hairstyles you must try at HOME  



This hairstyle is very popular in celebrities. It looks like panda ears. Bun or open hair with pin, it’s easy to make.


Boxer Braids

Very popular in female sports starts and If you are a fitness girl, then it’s time you got some boxer braids in your life! These braids have been popular for quite some time. Boxer Braids is popular through the centuries!



The Shimada hairstyle embraces a high artificial piece called chignon. They are attractive, graceful and modish, and use their hairstyles and accessories to allure the world as they pass by.


Braided Bouffant:

The braided halo looks elegant and makes you feel as pretty as a princess. You need to work a conditioning product into your hair and brush out any tangles. Then sweep hair off to a side and begin French braiding, adding sections of hair as you move along. When you finish off with the braid, tuck it in and pin.


Messy Cropped Bob:

This hair looks the best when left simple. However, modernization has got a few of them to cut the long tresses. Then the messy cropped bob emerged which not only got selected for the best designer look but also became a part of a few ramp shows.



You can shift the side hair to add a new twist to a true and tried style. The dreadlocks have been twisted and knotted unto themselves to create this style. To add more flair, you can always dye your dreadlocks.


Roman Bun:

Roman Hairstyles is one of most popular and easy style. Any Indian, French or Korean braiding roll around head or half of the head, and in centre there is bun.  


Roller Buns:

The roller buns are one of the most popular short hairstyles, opted by many young girls or hair stylists. It is funky, grungy and trendy, and gives your fashionable side a boost as you sport it. Dividing you hair with a centre parting, you can make an untidy bun on each side of the head. If you have fringes or flicks, they look pretty and add the oomph.

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