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Top 10 Kannada Movies, You must watch

Godhi Banna Sadharna Mykattu (2016)

The tale starts with an IT worker who has kept his father in an old-age home who is suffering from Alzheimer. The movie has two separate stories merging into one in the end. The old father gown missing and the movie plot revolve around the straggle to find him him.

Mungaru Male (2006)

It has greatest idiosyncratic dialogues, self-sufficient drama and significant dialogues. Nevertheless, the central rationale Mungaru Male engaged spirit was its soul-stirring lines which were on the lips of all the chap on the road and its blissful melody.

Jogi (2005)

Maadesha is an immature young man, close to his mother, went to Bangalore for earning so that he can present bangles to his mother and ends up becoming Jogi. This movie is path-breaking in all dimensions. A killer with a fair heart, a man who come into criminal world so that his bad name can help his mother find him.


Parvathi Menon is leading actress and Puneet Rajkumar is male lead. By the way, this is Parvathi’s debut movie in Kannada Cinema Industry. Pooja Gandhi is also there and she has done a cameo in the film. The movie has furthermore been dubbed to Malayalam too.

Kasturi Nivasa 1971

It is the tale of an enormously munificent gentleman, who surrenders to his intent of being kind no matter what happens. The film starcasts are Rajkumar, Jayanthi, K. S. Ashwath and Aarathi. The movie was later remade in Tamil as “Avananthan Manidan” starring Shivaji Ganeshan and also in hindi as ” “Shandaar” starring Sanjeev Kumar.

Belli moda 1966

Belli Moda accurately means ‘silver cloud’. It was based on a novel Belli Moda, by the celebrated Kannada author Triveni. The film plot is based on the lives of the those residing in the Belli Modaestate. Indira is the heiress of her father’s land, named Belli Moda. Mohan is engaged to her and is eager to own the Belli Moda, whilst Indira’s father passes away. But Mohan falls really in love with her and proposes her. Indira refuses to marry him and breaks his heart, for he only cared about her money.

Minchina Oata (1981)

Two small thieves made plan to become rich in quick way. They engage a motor mechanic, with monetary difficulties, to join the gang for stealing cars.

Accident (1985)

An immature guy kills several individuals sleeping on the footpath while driving under some influence. This man’s powerful father decided to make quiet the police enquiry and media reporting.

Bangarada Manushya 1972

The plot of Bangaarada Manushya revolves around Rajeeva (Rajkumar) who comes to visit his sister (Adeevani Lakshmidevi) only to find the sister’s husband dead and the family in need of financial help. He gives his everything to help her sister and her kids. He sacrifices his entire life for others but never become bitter. In the end his loving once doubts him. This movie is turning point of Actor Rajkumar’s career.


Naagarahaauvu (1972)

Ramachari, the male lead is contrasted to a King Cobra. Dangerous, yet respected but a misfit in the society. This movie remakes were made in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil also. The exchanges involving the Guru (Chamayya) and Shishya (Ramachari) is the best part of film. Chamayya and Ramachari have divergences of outlook over what is moral and immoral. Chamayya is further eager to unify in with the society than Ramachari and this generally ends in a disagreement between the two. It is not unlikely that the fake humanity is the unspoken rhetoric for the name of the movie which spreads venom – a cobra.

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