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Quiz: Only A Fashion Traveler Can Name Every Single Country By Traditional Costume

If you are fashion enthusiast, Can you tell most popular tourism destinations in world just by looking their traditional costume. You will be shocked to check the data of top 20 tourist destination in world. All major fashion capitals are there, why? Fashion Tourism and Tourist’s Fashion both are mutually complimentary to each other. Fashion is one of the most crucial factors to generate tourism, on the contrary if lots of global travelers come to a destination it will imbibe innovative global fashion & become a fashion city such as London, Paris, Milan, Shanghai, Tokyo, New York etc. Can you tell the name of the country just by viewing image of traditional costume, let’s play.   

Hints and clues are there and options in the end, but first apply your IQ.

A. This is populous country and in top 5 tourist destination in world. Ancient Buddhism is its major source of energy and respect. 


B. This country is number one tourist destination in Africa Continent with 10 million travelers in 15/16.

morocco 2morocco kaftan


C. This European country is ranked world number three in tourism.

Spain 2Spain

D. This country has highest Happiness Index or it is the most happy country in world

bhutan 2bhutan 1


E. This European country was ranked 7th in 15/16 with 35 Millions tourist. 


F. This country counts on unrelated tourism dimensions such settlement of Tibet Buddhists, Israelis  and Zoroastrians (Iran)  or the other hand due to love for this country Portugalis & French too.  Yoga, Religion and Health are some major tourist attraction. 


G. Balance between positive and negative freedom make this ancient culture ultra-modern. You can do all kind of mischief but after reading rules and regulations book. 

japan-1.jpgjapan 2

H.  50 million tourist make this country 5th most loved travel destination in 15/16.  italy 1italy 2

I. Ranked 8th in world with 32 million tourist in 16 and 35 m in 15.  Mexico 2Honduras national costume.


J. This ancient South Asian country ranked 9th in world tourism with 32 million travelers in 15/16.


K. Ranked 10th with 28 million tourist in 15/16, It is a land locked central European country. 


Random Answers are Thailand, Mexico, Japan, India, Italy, Germany, Austria, China, Bhutan, Spain and Morocco.

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