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Nagavalli Vs Apthamithraru

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Folks if you wish for good entertainment then go for this movie; nevertheless if you want 2 hours of frightening, bloodcurdling & daunting reaction from yourself, then think again. The movie is doing fine dealing although lesser than expectations of the film makers. The film collected roughly 0.30 Cr on release date. The film collected roughly 0.50 CR from the second day of release. It is good movie with a good starting business. The movie name shows how the layer alludes to Apathamithra and the spirit of Nagavalli, which has a particular position in the hearts of Kannada viewers. This meticulous tale sees a diverse faction of teenagers go on a track to uncover further on Nagavalli, her spirit and the nuisance it has to the cinema business.


This gang of adolescents, led by psychoanalysis learner, crave to witness if phantom and ghost in reality subsist. This forced them to some unwanted and undesired actions one by one to find out more about the spirit of Nagavalli, which is contemplated to be the reason of many deaths and illnesses in the cinema business and industry. The theme was high-quality and could have formulated vast making outlay and animation work to director producer.


The movie has the central character portraying a reactionary aficionado of Vishnuvardhan and has a lot of insinuations of the actor. The actress is observed doing innovative self created version of the song Ra Ra. However the shock lacks the impact, is unprofessional in the majority of animation & special effect scene and the thrill element could be managed more effectively, given that the tale deals with death-defying ghosts and spirits. The script takes everlastingly to unfurl the real thrilling part for just a short span. The conclusion may give feeling of cheated as the expectation from the director and the film was too much.

The movie “Nagavalli Vs Apthamithraru” is doing fine trade. Folks are going to watch this film in great numbers and film reviewers also confirming that this movie is good. Film has some good horror scenes and if you have light hearted even though can watch and enjoy.

The movie has a noticeable artist in Vaishnavi, who has lots of potential. The rest of the film charters competence to portray exactly as horror move scene demand is rather lacklustre. So folks if you wish for good entertainment then go for this movie; nevertheless if you want 2 hours of frightening, bloodcurdling & daunting feeling then think twice. If you compare it with old Vishnuvardhan and Soundarya starrer instead, that will not be a good idea.



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