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Western Ghats as ESA 'betrayal' Greens
UNESCO World Heritage & one of the eight “hottest hot-spots” of biological diversity in the world


The most economical way to see India’s spellbinding scenery is by Indian Rail. You already knew it, but can you portray the railway tracks between Arabian Sea waves and dense foggy evergreen forests on uneven Western Ghat Mountain with long dark tunnels. Shouldn’t we call this voyage “The Harry Potter’s Wizarding World Train Journey”? The Konkan Railways Is the Most Hypnotizing Train Ride in India.

sarawathi bridge
Image: Saravati River Bridge. Konkan Railway covers 760 km and had over 150 bridges & 123 Stations. It started on 26 Jan 1998.

Starting in crowded Mumbai and ending in relaxed Mangalore, Between Coasts & Hills express train voyage takes sightseers through Ratnagiri, Goa, Madgaon, Canacona, Karwar, Honnavar, Udupi, Mangalore and fascinates the tourists to lost in mother nature’s lap embodied in rhythmic song of sea waves, Western Ghat’s mystifying mountains, frightening forests, delightful valleys, and chocolate colour beaches. Vivacious folks can pass up nonstop trip and enjoy sights from in-between tourist places.

The Route has 93 tunnels along a length of 82 km. A Train coming out from Western Ghat’s mountain tunnel ( Image Indian Railway)
Western Ghats Hilly Evergreen Forests have most endangered species on sideline of Arab Sea in Karnataka, Maharashtra & Kerala in India

The direct route takes 14+ hours and travels through 5 major tourist attractions. On the trip, riders will lost in vista pooled by countless mountain ranges, brown sandy beaches, country’s longest* railways tunnels which are dark from inside, milky waterfalls, endangered flora and fauna, rare wildlife species, sky-scraping forests and foggy dark peaks. India’s conventionally celebrated train tour surpasses viewer’s expectation as always.

Not only because of 93 Tunnel and 150 Bridge but also soft soil tunneling, It is called most difficult railway project to have been constructed in the world.

Mumbai and Bangalore are two major industrial cities nearby. Also Mysore City is the other nearest tourist place to Mangalore. Confusingly there are two options from Heritage City Mysore, one via Mangalore to Western Ghats and the other via Bangalore. Choose correct Mangalore-Western Ghat route. Tourist can find good bus services to Mangalore; it takes 6 hours and from Mysore and 10 hours from Bangalore. Similarly if coming from Mumbai, rather booking from Mumbai to Bangalore, book train from Mumbai to Mangalore. And then take separate train from Mangalore to Mysore/Bangalore. If you take sleeper class ticket of train then you will be able to feel the breeze of Western Ghat and Arabian Sea, because in Air Conditioned Class the coach windows will be permanently closed. One side train fare from Mumbai to Mangalore is roughly INR 700 in sleeper, 1600 in AC3 and 2200 in AC2. You shared it already.  Additionally if you stay in between journey, decent hotel room can cost around 2000 to 3000 INR depending on food quality and service.

You must share it to those who say “it doesn’t feel like you are in India” or those who compare US, Europe and foreign small counties to SUB-CONTINENT INDIA to disgrace its tourist destinations.

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Tribute to Chief Design Engineer

The Designer  of this route E Sreedharan  awarded 2nd and 3rd highest civil award in India called Padma Vibhusan & Padma Bhusan respectively.



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