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October Fashion

October Movie Poster

Movie October is on the subject of copious conflicts between mind and heart. It floats connecting reason, convenient decisions, and the superfluous faith in destiny and optimism. It leaves you with a mystified and sensitive feeling. Many critics gave it good rating, you can watch this movie if you love passionate plays.

A still from Movie October by Shoojit Sircar

The dressing of Lead Actor Varun Dhawan is very different from his current public image. Dhawan is seen as a fashion-forward actor. But in Film October he had to “dress as ordinary class boy” and he really looks like an Indian middle class 21 year-old- youngster. In movie Dhawan’s character works as a hotel management trainee. Accordingly his styling was done to match the role. With his dressing sense like his recent movie Judwa 2, it will not look reasonable. In movie Dhawan will be seen serving the customers, cleaning the toilets, doing the dishes.

A still from Movie October by Shoojit Sircar

Similarly Lead Actress Banita is presented as glamour free, humble and graceful. Whether it’s her simple trainee dress or her plain tee-shirt with denim, Banita has given boost to this summer fashion and took it an all-time high. This summer it’s going to be the most classic summer wear. In movie she portrays as a girl-next-door, and accordingly wardrobe stylist designed and chosen costumes for her role.

A still from Movie October by Shoojit Sircar

Both lead actors’ wardrobe has been packaged as per demand of role – from the dress and make-up and accessory. But there are times, when the actor inside the star feels overshadowed. “One thing about actors, which people don’t know, is that the world sometimes starts feeling very fake because someone else brings you clothes, someone else does your hair, makeup and then you’re polished and pushed in the front like a product. But that is not Varun. I’m beneath all of this (the image),” Varun said at the trailer launch of his movie October.

A still from Movie October by Shoojit Sircar

It’s certainly the Shoojit Sircar movie that has presented the uncooked and authentic side of the actor, as the film director said at the trailer launch event, “You will see the real Varun Dhawan in October.” Written by Juhi Chaturvedi, the film also has newcomer Banita Sandhu as lead actress. As this film base is realistic and regular theme, Actor couldn’t do anything like which he has does in other films such as removing shirt, dance and behave crazy. Also there was no makeup. This move will present Dhawan as complete opposite of his recent Judwaa 2.

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