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5 most beautiful dresses Beyonce wore at Coachella


Beyonce sends fans wild as she changed her nail polish in between her epic Coachella stage concert. Her historic Coachella performance may be the best of all-time at it marks her homecoming at Coachella in 2018. It generates feeling like the music space-time dimension had eternally shifted. Beyoncé returned the audience favour by continuously singing and dancing for two hours instantly with negligible breaks. Her energy has no boundaries.


A year after suspending her viral set in 2017 because of pregnancy, Beyoncé treated her homecoming to the arena like a family reunion. In retrospection, this wasn’t an easy-going rag, it was a caution blast. By the time the 36-year-old singer completed her expansive, near-two-hour viral set Saturday night — one that featured a full marching band and drumline, a Destiny’s Child reunion, cameos by husband Jay-Z (on “Déjà Vu”) and sister Solange (dancing along to “Get Me Bodied”), a honour to Fela Kuti and Nina Simone, and Beyoncé herself buoyant sky-scraping above the masses on top of a lift while singing “Drunk in Love”.


She made record when she turns into the first Non-white lady to underscore Coachella on Saturday night. However this wasn’t the only celebrated obsession that happened on arena and Beyonce even got time to change her nail polish through her vigorous Coachella concert in Palm Springs, California. The vocalist, 36, sent eagle-eyed fans crazy as fans observed that in the middle of her five-outfit stage wardrobe, she also changed nail polish.


She made many quick changes in between her performances. Best one was as denim shorts, iridescent fringe boots and a college-crested hoodie. Fans gazed her, try to raise up her camouflage bodysuit to avoid herself from revealing her ample assets as she received Destiny’s Child to the step to present their jumble of hits.


The Crazy In Love hit maker was in very much demand and performed a number of moves as she used her left hand holding the skimpy garment, as she danced to Soldier and Independent Women with Michelle and Kelly, both 37. Just like a professional, Beyonce did her greatest to brush off the style disaster, but was left looking visibly exasperated when both of her dazzling thigh-high boots slipped down to her ankles too.

 “Thank you for allowing me to be the first Black woman to headline Coachella,” she said at the end of the evening, to thunderous ovation. “I just want to say thank you, guys. I am so happy you are here… We worked real hard and I loved seeing all of your faces.”


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