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Why you must do career counselling after 10th


Do not choose subject for 11/12th, but for your life; two years is not your life. When you do a job that you love, it hardly feels like working. The only way to do great work is to do what you love. Do you know one student who has tops in 10th and 12th, but not successful in career? Exceptions are always there, but most of them are success. Do you want to know career options after 10th without studying differentiation and integration in 11th/12th? Interestingly people inadvertently affirm that mathematics is not used in real life. Many people are successful in totally poles apart career or without studying 11th/ 12th.  MIFT prepares students to do career counselling for themselves. Any student can learn decision making methods of career counselling. You can do SWOT analysis, Psychometric Test, Cognitive Assessment Test, Aptitude Test and Personality Test to know about your conduct, tendency, temperament, habit, weakness, capability and capacity at MIFT.


In Indian education system, choosing particular stream after 10th will standardize & put a boundary in your future career prospects. So you might choose your course based either on your passion or on your marks. The wrong judgment taken at this stage can spoil your dreams.

Nevertheless generally at this age students do not use analytical approach while selecting a stream which spoils 1 or 2 year of student. It is imperative to remind that the course you choose after 10th will make the deepest foundation for your future routine.


If you don’t have the curiosity in one subject, but your marks-card is saying to choose that subject only, then you must learn above explained tests at MIFT and then choose any proper subject. For example you are good in maths but not in biology & chemistry. In this case planning for MBBS after 12th is not very advisable until unless you promise yourself to work very hard and go extra mile in coming two years of 11th and 12th.


To improve your decision making process, you must learn SWOT analysis, Psychometric Test, Cognitive Assessment Test, Aptitude Test and Personality Test, otherwise take help from career counselling service such as MIFT. The test has standardized sample of behaviour which can be correlated with numerical scale or category system. The psychological test has statistical procedure on the basis of which inference are made concerning a person’s capability, propensity or liability to act, react, experience or structure or order through or behaviour in particular way.


Cognitive assessment tests try to gauge person’s ability to identify and process information from their environment. Contrary to it, personality tests are more focused on people’s dispositions to behave in a certain way in particular situation. Benchmarking and Comparison with others might give a straightforward and natural way to understand a personality. Normative tests are method of assessment, or evaluation which yields an estimate of the position of the person in a predefined population, for a particular trait; example IQ test.  Criterion referenced test are used where a student or test subject has to meet some prearranged standards. When time is taken into consideration for same subject with all other condition fixed, it is called ideographic test. It is used to monitor student’s progress over time.  You can visit MIFT to learn these career counselling methods and then judge yourself to make a better career.



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