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Mysore 7 key fashion for 2019 projected in MIFT Survey


Can you guess fashion trend in Mysore city, what girls want in 2019?

MIFT Research and Development has completed wide-ranging research and analyzed data to project mood of Mysore’s female youth.  This survey was done on Females, Age 15 to 30 Years, Married and unmarried both, educational background PU, Graduate and Post Graduate. Fashion merchandising related questions such as information about shoes brand, mobile phone model, bike model and shopping frequency was incorporated to understand thought process in better way. Do you want to know top 5 fashion trends in Mysore in 201

  1. Off Shoulder

Just Like 2018, it will exist but not only in western dress. Off shoulder Salwar Suit, Blouses, Shirts and Tops are in high demand.  This trend was more popular in unmarried girls between 15 to 25 years of age. And above 25 were less interested it this trend.  In 2015 Zara did viral marketing for a specific off shoulder dress in fashion capital cities such as London, Milan, and Paris etc which built a momentum for this design. As it is not exposing much of body part, it becomes a hit in traditional Indian society compared to other European trend such denim shorts which expose almost whole leg.


2. Personalized Dress

Will you buy a 25000 Rupees Lehenga without tailor guarantee for alteration, sizing and essential modifications?  In survey no one has said that they buy wedding, festival or designer dress from ecommerce website. Personalized dress was more in demand for special occasions such as Festival, Wedding in family, Relatives or friends. Neuro-marketing and hyper personal marketing by e commerce companies such as Amazon, Myntra, Flipcart, Snapdeal etc has fludded the market with mass produced cheap common design. These e-commerce company offers design patters like European market. MIFT provide free 2 year warranty for sizing, alteration and modification, this point was liked mostly by married girls and new mothers whose weight and fitting is changed.  


3. Floral and Polka Dots

New Trend, Yes It is. This is something out of the box. This was not expected. School and College going students suggested Black and Yellow polka dot dress. Floral Gown and Saree both were equally liked in survey between age group of 25 to 30. As these printed dresses are low cost and available in different cutting shape, school students like them most. Polka Dot and Flower Print in dark colour, western dress pattern and matching shoes and other accessory will be trend in 2019. 



4. Silk but nor Saree

As always the classic of Mysore, Silk is in the top 5 trends. However it is not Saree but Office Wear such as Salwar Suit, Shirt, Trousers and western dress made of silk material is in trend. Mysore silk has eternal connect with Mysore City youth. Any other trend can’t move it from top 5.


5. A Dream Dress for Wedding

Buyer has made the design on paper or our designer help buyer to make drawing of her dream dress. These are females whose marriage can happen early. The age of this category was 25 to 30 years. Cost of Wedding Dress + Photography Makeup + Styling is very high. What Dress you actually get is not in your hand but It will depend on availability on shops / Good Color but bad design / Good design but bad textile quality / Days you have to spent on shopping etc. With MIFT just by investing 5 to 10% of the dress cost, you can make illustration of your dream dress, design on CAD & make it as per the quality of textile, color & shades, and manage the input cost by optimizing design. Saving is secondary but – you will get your own dream dress in lesser cost with known actual cost (not price). For once in life time event, it is must. And by Investing 50% cost you will get your dream design dress and also with your daily or weekly feedback for fitting, color, shape, size etc.


6. Customized and Decorated Sandal

Although customized shoes and sandals haven’t been in typical fashion from long time, 2019 is set to revolutionize this as MIFT survey confirm that the fashion of personalized shoes and decorated sandals has intended probability. Decorated gladiator sandal is popular in two styles first upto knee high and second over the knee boots, which is set to pace the way decoration and customization by painting and sticking decorative items on sandals. Valentino, Altuzarra, and Dolce and Gabbana incorporated this style for Spring/Summer 2018. Sports shoes with theam based design which match with costume will be in demand such as Polka Dots Shoes on Polka Dots Dress.

7. Layering

The survey was done including some patters and layer was one option. Layering in face and middle with variation in texture, ruffles and number of layers will be in trend in 2019. Western Gown, Salwar Suit or skirt, any costume can support this pattern and find entirely poles apart gaze by experimental design change in colour combination. You can try this in western, ethnic or Indian traditional costumes in 2019. 

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MIFT ( Mysore Institute of Fashion Technology) students, trainee and scholars study and research about fashion, makeup, forecasting, e commerce, disruptive technologies in fashion & cosmetics industry. The primary research objective is to create open industry modular ecosystem platform for fashion designers and makeup artists to work and earn in hyper personal and local market using IR 4 and 5 ( industrial revolution) technologies to disrupt connected digitalization of mass production. 


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